New Nissan Pathfinder - power over the road

Want to get unlimited power over the road and an unforgettable driving pleasure? Then your new friend should be a new Nissan Pathfinder - an off-road car, made with the latest technology and having a high level of equipment.

The fourth generation of the famous Japanese off-roader received a 3.5-liter 265-hp V-shaped 6-cylinder engine, combined with a stepless X-tronic variator .

Thanks to the intelligent All-Mode 4 × 4-i system, which has electronic control and the possibility of shifting to a lower gear, the Nissan Pathfinder easily moves through dirt, snow or wet roads, demonstrating maximum tractive effort.

A convenient rotary switch replaced the archaic control lever. Now the driver with one quick finger movement can switch to any of the desired modes: 2WD, AUTO or 4HI / 4LO. The system itself immediately reacts to any changes in road conditions and imperceptibly prevents possible emergencies, increasing the cross-country ability of Nissan Pathfinder.

The manufacturer notes that this model has become 25% more economical in fuel consumption, compared with its predecessor. This result was achieved by the developers, thanks to the rejection of the frame structure of the body. In addition, Nissan Pathfinder (new) "lost weight" by 227 kg, and now the front-wheel drive version of the SUV weighs 1,882 kg, and all-wheel drive - 1946 kg.

The modular platform FF-L is borrowed from the models Nissan Altima, Maxia and Murano, so the design of the fourth generation has changed significantly: it has become more streamlined and elegant.

A spacious interior Nissan Pathfinder provides for the accommodation of seven passengers. Comfort and practicality of this model provide three rows of comfortable seats and more than sixty interior configurations. Thanks to the separate seats of the second and third rows, it is possible to transform the salon as desired. The front passenger seat has a folding back, so that the car can accommodate a load of up to 2.8 m.

The list of technical functions of the car includes a three-zone climate control system, a DVD player and monitors intended for passengers sitting in the back row, a multimedia system, a Bose audio system with 13 speakers, a video surveillance system, a heated steering wheel, a ventilation system Front seats, a second row passenger heating system and a trunk door equipped with an electric drive. In general, the developers have tried very hard to create maximum efforts for both the driver and passengers.

As for the high-speed and driving characteristics of the new crossover, then everything is at the highest level. To accelerate to 100 km, the car needs only 8.2 seconds. On the road, the Nissan Pathfinder demonstrates stable and predictable behavior. Undisputed "pluses" of this model are also a clear steering and comfortable energy-intensive suspension.

In a mixed mode, fuel consumption averages 11-11.5 liters, and in urban - the needs of the car increase to 13-14 liters, but this is not surprising, because 256 "horses" require appropriate "feeding".

Happy journey on the new car Nissan Pathfinder.

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