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Nania (car seat): reviews. Baby car seat Nania Cosmo

The choice of a car seat is a very important matter. After all, a child should be in it not only comfortably, but also safely. Manufacturers of car seats Nania assure buyers of the high quality of their products. Whether this is really the case - we will tell in this article.

About the manufacturer

Famous for the whole world of Nania car seats is manufactured by the French company TEAM TEX. This corporation occupies a leading place in Europe for the manufacture of car seats for children. The share of France in this segment of the market is about 70%. The group is managed by the founder of the holding company - Yves Nania, who has been engaged in the production of childcare products for more than 30 years .

All the products of this holding are produced exclusively in the French factory. According to the company, the company produces 20,000 car seats per day.

In 2006, TEAM TEX received permission to manufacture exclusive children's car seats for Ferraris.pA

The main task of TEAM TEX is the creation of a high-quality car seat, which would ensure the maximum safety of the child while traveling by car.

To date, Nania products have successfully passed the test for compliance with international and European quality standards and is considered the best in its segment of the market.

Advantages of Nania

All the products of the company, including the Ferrari series, are designed in such a way as to satisfy the demands of modern parents leading an active lifestyle.

Car seats Nania have all stages of protection and meet all requirements and safety standards. Each model is carefully designed and crash tests pass before implementation. Safety, reliability and quality - these words perfectly characterize the Nania-car seat. Parents' reviews fully confirm these words.

Car Seat Saves Life

Western countries have calculated that since the parents' first purchases of special car seats, the probability of death and serious injury to children has decreased 3 times.

This figure significantly influenced the opinion of the majority of people, the parents are already more responsive to the issue of transporting their own children. They try not to save on the safety of their children and very carefully choose a car seat.

TEAM TEX Group constantly conducts market review and analyzes the preferences and requirements of parents. Thus, the company creates more and more advanced models with better characteristics. Excellent recommendations managed to win Nania. Car Seat (customer reviews give reasons to be convinced of this) is considered the best in the market for child safety products.

A reliable locking system and side impact protection - these characteristics best demonstrate this product. Nania-car seat, parents' reviews confirm this, has a high level of protection and is easy to operate. The only condition that the manufacturer must comply with is to adhere to the rules of installation and operation. When purchasing a Nania car seat, the kit includes instructions for installing it in the car, as well as a warranty card and a passport.

Age groups of car seats Nania

The corporation TEAM TEX produces car seats for the transportation of children from birth to 12 years. Taking into account the physiological characteristics of children of different ages, the company produces car seats of different age groups:

  1. Group 0 - this is an ordinary car, which is the top of the stroller. As a rule, it has special belts that allow you to fasten the seat in the back seat of the car. The handle for easy carrying and the adjustable backrest are important characteristics that this Nania-car seat possesses. Reviews of parents about this car are only positive. Easy enough movement to turn the chair into a cradle.
  2. Group 1 - a car seat of this category is intended for transportation of children from 9 months to 4 years. It also has an adjustable back. According to the company, the highest demand is the car seat Nania 9-36. Parents' comments on this matter boil down to the desire to maximally protect the mobile baby.
  3. Group 2 - car seat is designed for children from 3 to 7 years with a weight of up to 25 kg. Most Nania models have an adjustable backrest height that can be adjusted to match the child's growth. Some car seats have a removable back.
  4. Group 3 - the chair can be used for children weighing more than 25 kg. Car seat of this type is a special device without a backrest, which is attached to the seat of the car. At the same time the child is fixed with usual seat belts.

    Types of car seats Nania

    To date, the company TEAM TEX produces a whole series of car seats Nania with different modifications and characteristics. Let's consider each model in more detail.

    Nania Cosmo SP Isofix

    This is the car seat of the first group, which is designed to transport children weighing from 9 to 19 kg. Enhanced protection and increased convenience - the main qualities that distinguish the car seat Nania Cosmo Isofix. Customer reviews confirm that the manufacturers have coped well with their task. In this model, the side protection is strengthened, and the seat belt is equipped with a convenient tension system. In addition, it is possible to fix the back of the chair in five positions.

    The improved attachment system allows you to quickly and easily install the Nania Cosmo car seat. Feedbacks show that customers, in addition to high security, need easy use. The mounting system of this model guarantees the correct installation. And this is very important for the safety of the baby. According to statistics, more than 7 parents out of 10 set the car seat is not quite right. In this case, the child is exposed to the danger of severe injury while the vehicle is moving. The developers of the company took this moment into account and improved the fastening mechanism.

    Nania Cosmo Isofix car seat meets orthopedic requirements. Soft seating and the presence of pillows provide comfort to the kid even with long-term trips. The armchair has a good side protection system, which provides the necessary security during a side collision.

    In general, customer reviews are positive. There are practically no shortcomings. The armchair fully corresponds to its price. At the same time it is very convenient and high-quality. Parents are happy with the ability to adjust the backrest inclination, which allows the child to sleep in the car. This is especially important for long trips. The advantage of the model, according to the parents, is the high base of the chair. This allows the child to see everything that is happening outside the window.

    Cosmo SP Luxe series

    For more demanding parents, manufacturers have released an improved Nania Cosmo SP Luxe car seat. Customer feedback formed the basis of development. So, the Luxe model has a softer upholstery due to more foam rubber. In addition, the car seat has a more interesting design. The armchair of this model is available in different colors. Therefore, the buyer can easily pick up a chair for the color of the car.

    Characteristics of the model Nania Driver

    The model is produced in different versions, but the entire Drive series is designed for children weighing up to 18 kg. The design of the chair allows you to transport a child up to 4 years.

    The Driver model has a good orthopedic back. Soft lining provides the most comfortable sitting of the baby. Many parents choose the car seat Nania Driver. Reviews about this model are mostly positive. The only moments that sometimes do not suit buyers - the synthetic upholstery and the mechanism of fastening. Parents complain that the child sweats heavily in this chair during the warm season, and so parents are forced to lay a diaper on the upholstery.

    Car Seat Nania I Max SP

    Reviews for this model are only positive. According to the parents, this car seat is very comfortable. Also, buyers appreciated the high quality and reliability of the model. As for the shortcomings, some parents are unhappy with the lack of the function of lowering the back.

    Model Nania Beline SP

    Among the mothers, the Nania Beline SP car seat is very popular. User reviews characterize it as a reliable, convenient and qualitative device. Buyers are satisfied with the affordable price and good performance. According to many, there are practically no shortcomings in the model.

    Armchair Alaska Cosmo

    Reviews about the car seat Nania Alaska Cosmo are almost identical. All parents are satisfied with the convenience of the model, as well as its level of safety for the child. Armchair is cheaper compared to similar products of other manufacturers, but not inferior to them in quality. Therefore, many parents buy children's car seats Nania. Feedback from users is a little different about the colors and convenience for the baby. Some parents would like to see a more colorful series of car seats. And as for the sizes - the chair Nania Alaska Cosmo is not suitable for everyone. This model has small dimensions, so the child will be larger in it is a bit crowded.

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