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Masters of all trades: how to make kefir at home

Sour-milk products are needed by our body. They contain protein and calcium, and useful bacteria, acids, and protein - in short, everything that positively affects the work of the digestive system. A big plus is that almost all kinds of this product we can do ourselves. Would be the main ingredient - fresh milk.

Kefir fresh

The first way to make kefir at home is very simple. Suppose you bought cow's milk, but did not boil it, forgot it, left it in the kitchen. Naturally, after a day it became unsuitable for food. However, do not rush to pour it into the sink! Firstly, the top layer (top) is a settled cream. If desired, remove them (can eat with bread) or leave a little more to stand in the fridge - will come out excellent sour cream. Or just move the tank closer to the heat. In the second stage of how to make kefir at home, look after the milk. As soon as it starts to thicken - everything, you can eat. Fresh yogurt is not only tasty, but also useful for pains in the stomach, frustration and other discomfort with the digestive tract. But even when white clots appeared in the jar and whey is separated, kefir is suitable for food. Serum is generally good for filling borscht in boiled and raw form, ideal as a refreshing drink. If the whey you do not like, then sour milk carefully gently spoon from the jar. Here's how to make yogurt at home without too much labor.

Kefir on bread crumbs

Another simple technology of cooking is as follows: in a jar of fresh milk you need to put a piece of rye or black bread and leave it near the stove, stove or battery. Thanks to this natural leaven, the drink quickly turns sour, preserving all the useful properties. Its taste is very pleasant and soft. To speed up the souring process, you can pour the milk into a jar in which you kept sour cream or curdled milk (do not rinse the jar!). Such an uncomplicated way of how to make yogurt at home is suitable for almost any person who is not very strong in culinary arts.

How to make kefir at home for complementary foods

Sour milk, te kefirchik, should definitely be given to small children. Approximately from 5-6 months he enters the compulsory diet of the baby. Of course, for this it is necessary to take the product either from a specialized kitchen or to cook by yourself. So how to make kefir for babies?

Tip 1

In a saucepan boil the milk with sugar, when it cools down - add the usual yogurt, wrap the jar and put it in heat for 12 hours. Thickened - send to the refrigerator for another one, then gradually warm up in a water bath and feed the baby. Do not have time to thicken - leave a little more in a warm place.

Tip 2

Boil the melted milk, cool, pour in a spoonful of sour cream, add the biopreparation (see instructions on the packages), mix. After 6 hours the product is ready. When you feed the baby, leave a couple of tablespoons for the next starter - add them to 200 ml of the mortar, only without sour cream and other ingredients. The process can be repeated all the time of complementary feeding.

By the way, if you have left yogurt unclaimed, you can not stand it and drink it - you can cook pancakes or cakes. Sour milk is a product that suits food in any form!

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