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Lyudmila Savelieva is an actress who played Natasha Rostov. Biography, personal life, movies

Lyudmila Savelieva is an actress, whom the audience recognized and loved thanks to the epic "War and Peace", in which she played Natasha Rostov. A woman-legend throughout her life refused negative roles, as she did not want to try on the images of "villains". Faina Ranevskaya was and still is her idol. Lyudmila also tries not to play, but live on stage. What about it is known?

Savelieva Lyudmila Mikhailovna: childhood

The future Natasha of Rostov was born in January 1942. Her native city is St. Petersburg (in those years Leningrad).

Lyudmila Savelieva - an actress who happened to learn what a difficult childhood. The first years of her life fell at the time of the blockade, of course, the family was starving. However, the difficulties experienced did not deprive the girl of optimism and the ability to enjoy life.

As a child Luda read a lot, was interested in art. The main passion for the girl was the ballet. From the age of eleven she began to seriously engage in dancing. It is not surprising that after graduation the future film star turned out to be among the pupils of the choreographic school.

Fateful meeting

Lyudmila Savelieva is an actress whose path to the height of glory began with the ballerina's place at the Kirov Theater, which was later renamed the Mariinsky Theater. Colleagues have given the talented girl the role of a soloist, but fate decreed otherwise. Nobody can tell if Lyudmila would become an actress if the "Sleeping Beauty", in which the future Natasha Rostova participated, was not among the spectators of the production of Sergei Bondarchuk.

The director for a long time could not find an actress, able to play Rostov in his new film "War and Peace". Upon seeing Lyudmila, his assistant considered that she had a suitable type, and introduced her to the master. First Bondarchuk did not like Savelyev - he found the ballerina unprepossessing. Learning that for the sake of samples she came to the capital from Leningrad, the director reluctantly gave consent to audition.

When Savelieva Lyudmila Mikhailovna appeared before Bondarchuk in makeup, he changed his mind. However, the final decision was still made only after numerous trials involving other actors.

"War and Peace"

First, Ludmila was afraid to work with Bondarchuk, who managed to win the reputation of a despot because of his exactingness to the actors. However, to the fragile ballerina, who did not yet have experience in filming in the cinema, the master was indulgent and even took care of her. The painting "War and Peace" was shot for four years. Eagerly waiting for a movie epic was not only the Soviet audience, but also the inhabitants of other countries.

Savelieva Lyudmila Mikhailovna was forced to refuse to work in the Kirov Theater, as her attempts to combine rehearsals with filming in War and Peace failed. Leaving in the past a ballerina career, the beginning actress has never regretted.

The epic "War and Peace" won the "Oscar" award and the applause of millions of viewers from different countries, and the performer of Natasha Rostova's role suddenly became a movie star, like many other actors starring in the film.

Best movies with her participation

Lyudmila Savelieva is an actress known for her demand for roles. Having played Rostov, she categorically refused to appear in those films in which the directors offered her to depict similar heroines. One of the most famous paintings with the participation of the star is "Running". The plot of the film is taken from Bulgakov's work of the same name. The actress played Serafim Korzukhin in it, and also acquired a friend in the person of the writer's wife who acted as a consultant.

Then she tried on the image of Nina Zarechnaya, adorned with her presence the picture "Seagull", played Masha in "Sunflowers." One can not but mention the drama "Julia Vrevskaya", in which the actress received the role of the Russian countess, who took care of the wounded during the Russo-Turkish conflict. From the late films with the participation of a movie star, it is worth highlighting "Anna Karenina", in which she played Princess Shcherbatskaya.

Family Children

Not only the profession, but also the love gained thanks to the film epic Lyudmila Savelyeva. Zbruev was her colleague on the set. He was fascinated by the young ballerina and almost immediately started courting her. Lyudmila herself fell in love with Alexander long before acquaintance, seeing him in the drama "My younger brother".

To the number of women for whom a successful career is more important than a family, does not belong to Lyudmila Savelieva. The personal life of the movie star settled before the end of the filming of "War and Peace", when she agreed to become Zbrueva's wife. Of course, in a relationship that lasts for several decades, there are tensions. However, the couple did not part even when the public learned about Alexander's relationship with another woman who gave birth to a child from him.

The daughter of Lyudmila Savelieva and Zbrueva are called Natalia. It can be seen in the drama "If you believe Lopukhin," in which the girl received a small role as a teenager. However, the girl did not become an actress.

Interesting Facts

Lyudmila Savelieva, whose personal life has been interested in fans and the press for several decades, hates to cook. From time to time, she tries to use the recipes of cakes and pies from fashion magazines, but the result is depressing. Lyudmila claims that she would have enjoyed eating sandwiches with pleasure, had it not harmed her health and did not affect the figure. The actress's husband indulgently refers to this lack of spouse is not picky about food. But Lyudmila with pleasure is engaged in putting things in order, and her apartment is perfectly clean.

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