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Effective exercises for the press, which you can do at home

Many of us dream of a healthy and strong, and beautiful body. After all, you will agree who does not want to go out to the beach in the high season of vacations and vacations and play with gorgeous muscles in the sun's rays? And the torso plays a special role in the beautiful tightened figure. But how to achieve the emergence of the famous "cubes", if the daily training in the gym simply does not physically have enough time? In this article you will find the most effective exercises for the press, which you can perform at home.

Thanks to the fact that our abdomen is almost always free in anatomically, its muscles must be maintained in tone by constant loads. And you need to do this in such a way as to maximize the use of each muscle of the abdomen. Such training is needed not only for the sake of aesthetically beautiful torso, but also for our internal organs to be reliably protected by a peculiar muscular "corset" from any external influences. If a person ceases to train the abdominal muscles for any reason, the role of this "corset" itself falls on the fat deposits, which quite strongly spoil any figure.

But it should be remembered that effective exercises for the press, which you need to perform daily, are only half the battle. In order to have a perfect stomach, you need not only to work hard, but also to observe a fairly strict diet, excluding high-calorie foods (for example, sweet and flour). It should also be understood that the best exercise for the press is a set of different loads for each group of abdominal muscles. One exercise, even performing it with special zeal, will never achieve the same result that can be achieved by performing several daily approaches to each group of abdominal muscles.

Effective exercises on the press affect exactly how much will persevere your desire to work on yourself and adhere to proper nutrition. In addition to the fact that it is not recommended to eat flour dishes and sweets (except fruits and natural honey), you should not eat too much before going to bed - a dense dinner can quickly accumulate on the abdomen as a fat layer.

Start the session with a warm-up. For this, the following exercise is ideal: we lie on our backs, bend our knees and stretch our arms along the body. From this position one by one we reach hands to the heels. Repeat this action is necessary up to forty times for each hand - it all depends on your preparation.

After the warm-up, it's time to move on to the next exercise: lying on your back with your legs bent at the knees (as during the warm-up), we clasp hands behind the head in the lock and start lifting the body, raising the leg slightly and elbowing the right arm to the knee of the left leg and vice versa. We make from fifteen to forty rises for one approach.

The main thing is not to forget that the most effective exercises for the press is a complex load on all groups of abdominal muscles. Therefore, the third exercise should properly "swing" the lower press. And the ideal exercise for this will be the well-known "bicycle" (the rotation of the feet, repeating the rotation of the bicycle pedals, from the supine position). You can also raise your legs from the position of lying on your back and fix the body in such a way that it forms an angle of forty-five degrees. In this position, it is necessary to stand for one or two minutes.

Each of the exercises described above must be done daily, two or three times per session. Effective exercises for the press are desirable to alternate with loads on the remaining muscle groups, which can be provided sufficiently with the help of push-ups from the floor, squats, jumping rope and exercises with dumbbells.

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