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"Lover" salad: rich taste with a simple recipe

Vegetable salads are, as a rule, low-calorie dishes, rich in vegetable fiber, vitamins and minerals, thanks to the use of which digestion improves, and the cells are saturated with useful substances.

The number of recipes for their preparation is being replenished every day, because each housewife is able to find her "salad of the day" by interesting experiments with a combination of different products and dressings, getting the most successful results. You can make more calories by adding meat, sausage, smoked meat, eggs and cheese, especially in such difficult seasons as winter and autumn, when the body requires constant saturation. And the salad "Lover": let him not the most dietary because of the presence of mayonnaise and mushrooms, but it has an extremely simple structure and is very satisfying. Mushrooms are incredibly rich in protein and help to quickly saturate, carrots - a source of vitamins A, B, C, E and PP, the cheese will replenish the supply of calcium, and mayonnaise will have a choleretic effect for the prevention of cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. Thus, "Lover" is a salad, the recipe of which will surprise you with its simplicity and will please with an extremely affordable list of products.

Option one

For this dish you will need 2 carrots, 2 medium bulbs, 250 g of mushrooms (preferably mushrooms), one jar of red canned fish (salmon, salmon, trout, pink salmon) and 50 grams of hard cheese. And for refueling salt, black pepper and low-fat mayonnaise. To make a salad "Lover", you need to grind the mushrooms and lightly fry them in vegetable oil, then put into a bowl. While they are cooling down, prepare other products. Carrots and onions are also cut into small cubes or grated on a grater and fried in a frying pan. Since this is a flaky dish, we choose a deep plate or a cup and begin to lay out products in it, strictly following the order, lubricating each level with mayonnaise and sprinkling with salt and pepper salad "Lover". The first is crushed fish, the second is mushrooms, the third is carrots with onions. In the end, sprinkle with grated cheese and decorate with greens. So, the salad "Lover" is ready to decorate your dinner and please the household with its satiety and rich taste.

Another "Lover"

This sweet name has another dish, probably because of the content of raisins and walnuts - products that tonic male health. It is prepared in a similar way - with layers of mayonnaise between them - and requires a similar set of ingredients. At the bottom of the cup sticks raw carrots, mixed with finely chopped walnuts and raisins. Next comes grated cheese with crushed garlic, and on top - cut into small cubes of beets (boiled). It is decorated again with dried fruits and nuts, then insists an hour or two for impregnating with mayonnaise, served to the festive table just before the arrival of guests. It should be remembered that with the use of such high-calorie salads, it is not necessary to abuse parallel to hot dishes and easily digestible carbohydrates (bread, flour products), as overeating always adversely affects digestion.

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