Let's answer the question, who invented the phone?

Progress is constantly gaining momentum and with each passing year new inventions and discoveries appear all the faster and faster. In our life there are many new devices that yesterday seemed fantastic, and the usual household appliances are being replaced with newer and improved ones. Literally ten years ago in each apartment there was a usual color TV with the remote control, considered as a limit of dreams, but now we see the appearance of flat plasma panels with support for 3D technology. Laptops, tablet computers and, of course, the phones are so firmly embedded in our lives that presenting it without them will be very problematic.

The level of our life allows us to purchase numerous household appliances that are now filling our home, but keeping up with the succession of generations is more and more difficult, first of all, because the average person does not know anything about the news.

In the frenzied rhythm of life it is sometimes useful to stop and look back, to fix your eyes on history, and to remember who stood at the sources. Let's answer the question, who invented the phone? Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular devices among those around us. A person without him now feels literally helpless. But not everyone knows who invented the phone, who first passed a few words at a distance.

Origins of the Invention

It's about transmitting sounds at a distance. Under such definition, many apparatuses fall. For the first time, something similar appeared in China in 968. Of course, then the "phones" were not similar to what we see now, they were bulky mechanical devices consisting of a multitude of pipes. A similar principle of sound transmission is used now, for example, on large ships.

Another version, known, probably, all, is the "rope phone." It can now be made of two diaphragms and a cord stretched between them. In spite of the fact that these mechanisms have nothing in common with modern technologies, they served as a prototype, in which the principles that are relevant today are used. But who invented the phone in the form that is used now?

Electrical appliance

In 1860, the Italian Antonio Meucci demonstrated a device capable of transmitting various sounds and speech over wires. He even received a patent for his invention. About a year later a German named Johann Reis presented something similar, but equipped with a microphone and a speaker. And in 1876 Alexander Bell showed the world a device called the "speaking telegraph", combining the ideas of previous designs. He is considered an inventor who contributed, but he is not the one who invented the first phone.

Russian scientist and electrical engineer in 1878 created an apparatus of original design, different from the invention of Bella. His device is considered the first Russian phone. In the following years, many scientists worked on its improvement, including Thomas Edison.

But to answer the question who invented the mobile phone is somewhat more complicated, because it became a natural extension of radios and other similar devices. The idea of creating something like this appeared in 1947, and the first model in the world, which can be considered a mobile phone, was assembled by the Russian scientist Golubitsky in 1957, although this device weighed almost 3 kilograms.

We can say that the question who invented the phone does not have such an unambiguous answer. Many scientists from different countries at one time worked on this, and now we can enjoy the results of their work on a completely different level. And it's so natural that you even stop thinking about it.

Both mobile devices and conventional stationary systems have nothing to do with what was almost a century ago.

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