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Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth: the beginning of his career

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Hollywood actor, producer and UN ambassador. A full career in cinema began in thirteen years. He is one of the most influential people in the world. He has more than nine dozen awards in the field of motion pictures and environmental protection.

The beginning of acting career

In 1974, the future actor Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles in the family of George DiCaprio and Irmelin Indenbirken. According to the family legend, when the pregnant woman in the museum viewed the picture of Da Vinci, the son pushed her into the stomach. Thus, it was decided to call the newborn so unusual for those times by the name.

At the age of seven, Leo told his parents that he would like to become an actor. They found the agent's beloved son, the cooperation with which brought the boy shooting in 30 commercials. The first major role of Di Caprio received in 15 years in the series "Parents". Becoming a 17-year-old, Leonardo received a major role in the feature film "The Life of this guy." Soon the filmography of DiCaprio will be replenished with the film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", Where he will play the mentally retarded Arnie. Critics claimed that Leonardo in this picture managed to outshine his talent even Johnny Depp! Thanks to such a complex image, Leo was first nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe.


Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth (photo), as now, had a truly fascinating talent, about which the directors have repeatedly said, calling it a great scale of personal impact. The next film was a shocking "total eclipse." The role of the poet Arthur Rimbaud gave the young actor unprecedented popularity. For Leo's decision to participate in the film became a professional feat, as he had to portray a homosexual in several frank episodes. Later, the guy admits that surviving the shooting was morally difficult.

It is known that, along with the popularity of actors, they gain the privilege of agreeing to or refusing to participate in a particular picture. Having reached the age of eighteen, Leonardo DiCaprio became such an artist. In his youth, this energetic guy managed not only to play brilliant roles, but also to take care of the environment. In 1998, DiCaprio created The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, a charitable foundation whose mission is to protect animals, as well as the development of harmonious relationships between nature and people.

Hundreds of actors played Romeo, but the premiere of the film "Romeo + Juliet" was a truly loud event. The picture of teenage suicides has been one of the most watched in the world for 20 years. Since then, it is believed that the most unforgettable Romeo was played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

In his youth, however, as now, he was so popular that the directors had to beg the talented young man, so that he agreed to sign a contract with them. As surprising as the following did not sound, but James Cameron, the creator of the breathtaking picture, which is called "Titanic", for a while had to persuade the actor to play the brave Jack Dawson. In the end, Leo could not not become part of a story based on real events. But what the actor most feared and because of what he refused to play romantics in such films as "Titanic", one day happened. Outside the cinema screens, the role of the heartthrob with unearthly beauty still had to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth. "Titanic", however, can be called one of the best films of a brilliant artist, but still you should not forget about such masterpieces as "Aviator", "Island of the Damned", "Great Gatsby" and others.

Interesting Facts

• Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth studied in California's John Marshall High School.

• From the age of 22, his participation in the film was estimated at $ 20 million.

• The actor owns the coffee label Lyon.

• Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth could well have changed his name to Lenny Williams, which, according to the agent, sounded American. The guy did not listen to the advice and changed the agent.

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