Learn how to find a person from a photo

In detective films, we often see how police officers search people for photos. But is such an action available to an ordinary person? It turns out that it is possible to find a friend from a photograph.

There are no professional sites for searching by images, but there are resources that can easily select people from photos. For example, soc. "VKontakte" is intended for you to search for your friends on their personal data. However, you can try to select users from photos. There are other ways to find a person from the photo.

Let's find out together how to find a person from a photo. But first, pay attention to what you can find only the image that is available on the World Wide Web.

How to prepare photos for search

You should have a quality photo, which clearly shows all the facial features, as well as other details. This photo should be scanned and saved on your PC, and also upload the same image to any photo hosting. Preparation is over. Now you can find a person from a photo or at least try to do it.

Looking for a friend with the help of the service "Google-pictures"

On the question of how to find a person from the photo, the search engines Google and Yandex can answer. Let's consider the principle of their work on the basis of the "Google" system.

"Google-pictures" is a special search engine for images. In the search box, you can drive the name or description of the photo, use voice search and even add finished images.

Let's take a closer look at the finished images. Add photos to Google in four different ways:

  1. Upload photos from your PC.
  2. Specify the address of the image on the computer.
  3. Upload an image to the photo hosting, and then enter the address of the photo in the search engine "Google-pictures".
  4. Add a special application to your browser that helps you find images. For example, in Google Chrome there is a Search by image for Google application. How does this program work? If you hover your mouse over an image on the Internet, a shortcut will appear to go to Google search engine.

You will be presented with a variety of images that match the search results. It only remains to select the appropriate photos from them. Pay attention to the fact that "Yandex-pictures" work in a manner similar to their counterparts!

Find people by photo on

Find out how to find a person from the photo will help special site Here you can also download the prepared image or specify its address on your favorite hosting for pictures. This service is unable to locate your friends, but the sites on which such a photo is, will issue. Perhaps, among the results of the search will be the addresses of social. Networks, where there is a page of the person you are looking for.

The analogue of this service is the site The difference is that this resource helps to find a copy of your picture. And searches for all images that are similar to the ones you provided. Both services provide convenient extensions for your browser.

How to search for friends "VKontakte" using photos

To search for people from "VKontakte" you can use the service, which also provides suitable people from the "VK" website. This resource works in a manner similar to

In order to find a person in this social network. Network, you need to know his name and surname, and also have a high-quality photo. If all this you have, go to "VKontakte" and use the search form "People". Enter in the search engine sots. Network of known data, and then sort the people found by comparing them with your existing photo.

It turns out that you can find a person using VKontakte by using the special function that is available in this network! To do this, go to your "VC" page, and then go to the "News" section. Here you need to select the "Photos" tab. If you do not have such an item, click on the plus sign located in front of all the other headers. Now select "Photos" in the list that appears.

After all the above actions, you should have a search line with the signature "Search by photos". There are five search functions:

1. Search by description.

Enter a name, label or description for the picture you want. The search engine will display images with the appropriate texts. Pay attention to the fact that the system can read the inscriptions on the pictures!

2. Search using photo filters.

On "VKontakte" there are six filters that you can see by editing your photos. Select the desired filter type, and then enter the following symbols in the search box: "filter: the name of the selected filter". You can also enter text before these characters.

3. Search using geolocation.

Go to the "Search" tab, and then select the "Geolocation" button. Select the place where your friend is supposed to be, and then click the button "Search by posts nearby". Now you need to copy the coordinates displayed in the search box and insert them into the search engine for the photo.

4. Search with the elimination of unnecessary words.

Enter a description in the search field to the photo, and after it insert the symbols: "-exclusive word -dr". So you can narrow down the search for people.

5. Find similar photos.

Upload the prepared image to any of your albums, and then copy the last characters from the link to the uploaded photo. You should have something like this: "photo-12345_6789". Insert this combination into the search string, having written "copy:" before it. Now in the search results you will see pictures similar to yours.

Use the functions described above, taking into account those data about the person that you know.

Other ways to search

Suppose that a young man met with a young lady during the rest. Returning home, he discovers that he does not know anything about this person. He only has a photo of a stranger. The guy decides to find the girl from the photo. He can use the search methods that were highlighted above. But you can find a beautiful lady and other methods:

  1. To address in transfer "Wait for me", having described thus all circumstances of acquaintance with this girl.
  2. Place ads in various social networks. Networks and forums.
  3. Search for people can also be on the sites:,,

Deception on the World Wide Web

The desire to find out how to find a person from a photograph sometimes leads to deceiving sites. Here you will be asked to find a famous person who looks like you. To perform a search, you need to upload your photo, and then confirm your decision with a mobile phone.

Instead of providing the promised service, you will simply withdraw money from your mobile account. Theoretically, you can calculate the offender by its IP address, but in practice any skilled fraudster can change his IP. So do not use these resources.

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