How to update "Instagram" on "Android" and "iPhone"

"Instagram" is a well-known and popular social network. Here, users can share stories from their life in pictures. However, often developers come up with a lot of new chips. How do I update the "Instagram" to not lose all information about my account? Simple enough! The creators have done everything to ensure that users can easily use this application.

What is "Instagram"?

Before you understand how to update the "Instagram" on your mobile device, you should become his fan. Now this social network is almost every user of the Internet. However, those who are just learning this direction, it will be interesting to know what the essence of this sensational application.

"Instagram" is a visual social network. In the foreground - photo. The updated version of "Instagram" somehow brought the opportunity to exhibit and video, but still the photos are confidently leading. Each image is allowed to add entries and hashtags for which the post can be found by other users. "Instagram" has become a platform for the promotion of many goods and services, as well as a place for many personal blogs.

How to update the "Instagram" on the android?

In order to update this application on the phone on the platform "Android", you need to install the application for downloading games and programs. The most commonly used is "GooglePlay". This application store allows you to quickly find the right one.

In the search field you need to enter the name of the application, you can enter both the original name and in Russian. A list of similar options appears before the user. "Instagram", which is needed by the user, usually appears on the topmost line. Then click on the "Update" button next to the application icon. All that remains is to wait a little. Now in place of the button "Refresh" will appear a different one, with the name "Open". This indicates the successful installation of the new version of the program. In some cases, when the changes were large, the user is offered a list of actions. Most often it's a question of whether Instagram can use geolocation and send notifications to the user of the network.

Download updates to "iPhone"

How to update "Instagram" to those who have an iPhone? The scheme is similar. Just go to your application store, click on the magnifying glass icon to open the search bar. The program name is driven into the appeared window.

The user also opens a list of applications that may be relevant to the Instagram network. These are basically image editors or applications for copying records. Then click on the "Update" button, which is also located next to the application icon. After a few seconds or minutes, depending on the traffic speed, the application will be updated.

Also in the application store you can go to the update tab. Here are all the applications to which there are new versions. This helps to avoid finding the right among all games and programs.

New opportunities for Instagram

How to update the "Instagram" is already understandable. Now the question arises: why is this necessary? The fact is that the developers are not asleep. They are constantly studying users and are looking for something that they might like. In the latest updates were quite interesting innovations:

  • New function "archive". This option allows you to send boring records to a separate folder, which only the account owner sees. You can return them later.
  • Adding new masks. This interesting innovation was greeted with joy, so the developers added several new options. It is interesting that these "masks" are interactive. They change with a certain movement. For example, if you open your mouth or nod your head.

Update "Instagram" to the new version definitely worth it, because it opens up new opportunities.

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