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Yuri Stoyanov: biography. Personal life, wife and children of Yuri Stoyanov

For the most part of the audience, the "Gorodok" program is Ilya Oleinikov and Yuri Stoyanov. The biography of the duo has become common, and the names of artists seem to be forever connected. So it was until July 2012, until a serious illness did not put Ilya Lvovich in a hospital bed, with which he no longer had a chance. There was no "Gorodok", to the greatest regret of all fans of this wonderful humorous program.

How did Ilya Oleinikov and Yuri Stoyanov meet? The real name of Oleynikov and the foundation of Gorodok

And it all began in 1990. The film "Anecdotes" was shot, in which many actors were involved. The acquaintance of the two future TV stars was predetermined by the fact that both actors received small roles, and their common opinion was that they are capable of much more. And when it turned out that they had a common birthday (albeit with a ten-year difference), the fate of this meeting became absolutely obvious.

And this "international" collective appeared, in which he entered, Odessa-Bulgarian Yuri Stoyanov. The real name of Oleinikov is Klyaver, he is a Jew from Chisinau.

Humorous transmission quickly won the hearts of viewers, bored at the real live humor, laconic, intelligent and unpredictable. She also liked the artists, because all the roles that they dreamed about, suddenly became available to them. Now you can play at least a prince of Danish, if only it was funny.

About the events associated with the emergence of a popular and very funny folk transmission, its creators and permanent anchors were frankly told in the book "See you in Gorodok."

Childhood and school

So, Yury Stoyanov was born in 1957 in the usual intelligent Odessa family. I went to school in the Southwest Massif. In the sixties it was the far outskirts of the city. Already in his childhood, he realized that the profession to which his parents had devoted their lives, apparently, would not be his choice. My father was a doctor, my mother a teacher, and Yura always wanted to portray someone or, at the very least, mock him, as he did during the lessons. He was repeatedly punished for such excesses, and one day his mother-teacher even threatened him that he would "fly into the window from the fifth floor" if he did not calm down. "Do not leave me, I will still be proud of you," Yury Stoyanov replied. The biography, though not unofficial, preserved this episode not only for descendants, but for all of us.

Those who knew him as a child, Yuri remembered a cheerful guy with a guitar and big sandwiches, which he generously shared with his listeners. The girls were delighted with both, and from the other, and the Odessa boys from the Lystdorff road were eager friends with the sociable and humorous Stoyanov.

Purposefulness and work on self

Despite the certain propensity to hooliganism, the boy studied very well. Still, it's not easy to enter VGIK, but Yuri Stoyanov himself set this goal. The height of 1 m 86 cm was combined with a penchant for completeness, with which he fought resolutely. The young man even became a master of sports in fencing.

He also studied acting at the school at the Odessa Film Studio, one of the best in the country.

No sooner said than done. To enter a prestigious Moscow university is difficult, but if you strongly want to, you can. In 1978, the Odessa guy graduated from VGIK, and was invited to work in ABDT Tovstonogov. Until 1995 he served there as an artist.

Years spent in BDT

Great glory in the performance of dramatic plays could not be won. Only one big role - Mozart - in the play "Amadeus", played by Yuri Stoyanov. The biography of the episodic actor did not suit him, but he had to put up with the situation. For the time being, until the time ...

Recalling those years, Stoyanov rejoices that he managed to escape from the routine circle, according to which he seemed to be doomed to walk all his life. There were no roles for him, and he considered himself an artist of average abilities. Oleg Tabakov once remarked to Yuri that he completely does not remember. But he always noticed all the talented actors! The easiest thing was to consider yourself an unrecognized genius, as many representatives of creative professions sin. But this was not Yury Stoyanov. His biography testifies to the efforts he made in order to succeed and become famous.

Working in the cinema before "Gorodok" ...

In addition to the mentioned "Anecdotes", there were other films with Yuri Stoyanov. These are "Lily of the valley silver", "Carnival Night-2", "Alchemists" and "Hare over the abyss". Behind the shoulders were episodic or secondary roles in the paintings "Pantsir", "Silent Outpost" and "It was behind the Narva Outpost". They did not bring creative satisfaction to these works, but it was impossible to do without them either. Artistic qualities only to young geniuses come quickly, and others have to slowly enter the profession through a deep awareness of their role.

... and then, when he was already

Yury Stoyanov, who was very slow and slow, reached the stage of mastery. His filmography was replenished with new, interesting works. He was able to play many roles, much more noticeable than those from which he started. "Heroic deeds", "Upside down", "Shakespeare never dreamed", "Death in a Pince-nez, or Our Chekhov" - these are some of them. Sometimes these were very small episodes, for example, the image of an emigrant taxi driver in "Brother-2" or Major-General Blokhin in the White Guard, but they were worked out with the greatest skill. However, by that time Stoyanov's face was already known to everyone. Very interesting was the work in Nikita Mikhalkov's film "12", about which Yuri Mikhailovich talks with delight, as a rare creative success. But he does not like to remember the film "Hitler kaput".

How do you want to break into the "Town"

Work on the series "Gorodok" gave the creative freedom to which Yuri Stoyanov aspired. There followed an extraordinary rise in popularity, in every issue jokes were heard, which were then repeated by the whole country. Stoyanov sings well, and Oleinikov was not deprived of musical abilities, which made it possible to create very funny parody gags with vocal and instrumental numbers. Images of pathos characters of Soviet history, including Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev, Krupskaya, Dzerzhinsky and many others, were played with inimitable humor.

The literary part of creativity was provided by two teams of authors in Moscow and Odessa, but the final decision about the use of this or that material was taken by the performers of the main roles: they themselves judged what would make the viewer laugh. In general, it was interesting and fun to work together, and this was easily understood by the audience.

Wives and children of Yuri Stoyanov

To people far from acting, it often seems that if the actor is always joking on the screen, then in everyday life he is as cheerful and carefree. However, the more complex the inner world of each person, the more difficult it is for him to build his own happiness. Biography Stoyanov Yuri is fully confirmed - he married three times.

The first wife was Olga, who worked as an art critic, she lived with him for five years and became the father of two sons, Nikolai and Alexei, born in 1978 and 1980. Both of them are now adults, working on television. Nicholas had a son, a grandson of Yuri Stoyanov, Roman. Unfortunately, Nikolay does not support the relationship, but the artist himself continued to take care of the children after the divorce, although he could not keep friendly relations with Olga. About the reasons for the divorce , the artist's mom says with regret: he was imprisoned for great love, but the family boat, as the poet said, broke about life. Both husband and wife were not ready for family life, but this is a whole science. Olga married a second time, for a foreigner, and now lives in France.

The second son of Stoyanov, Yuri, Alexei, is more lenient towards his father, and his divorce is not considered a betrayal. Sometimes he visits his grandmother in Odessa.

The second marriage, with Maria, was childless, it lasted a long time, from 1983 to 1995. The wife was afraid of motherhood, because her best friend died during childbirth.

Third, she is the current wife of Yuri Stoyanova, Elena, she brought up two daughters: Anastasia, born in 1996 and Xenia, who is younger than her sister for seven years. In 2003, the third child appeared in the family, Katya.

Despite the complexity of his father's character, all the children of Yuri Stoyanov felt his help and support, he always shows himself a caring father and grandfather.

There is, however, a drawback with the artist. In everyday life, he often uses words that are not accepted from the television screen to viewers (yet). In this regrettable manner, there is no maliciously aggressive overtones. According to Stoyanov himself, this is not even a scold, and so, the conversation. However, there are no ideal people in the world, besides, Yuriy Nikolaevich struggles for the culture of his speech with all his might.

Mum about Yura

Yuri Stoyanov loves his native city - Odessa, he can talk about him endlessly. The feeling is mutual, here the actor is always waiting, and first of all it refers to the main woman in his life - my mother.

Evgenia Leonidovna taught Ukrainian language and literature at the same school where her son was studying. Classmates remember Yeznichka (she was nicknamed "schoolchildren" by her students) very warmly, she always showed caring and kindness, skillfully combining them with severity.

Children's Yura passed in a five-story Khrushchev house, which were then built up all the Odessa Cheryomushki. Now Evgenia Leonidovna lives in a spacious, bright and cozy apartment, which in the center of the city the actor acquired, the benefit, the fees allowed. About the son she tells willingly and very proud of him.


The artist's dad, Nikolai Georgievich, was not just a doctor. He was a gynecologist, and good. His father's profession allowed Yura to use special medical literature, and with his characteristic artistry he conducted "explanatory work" among his classmates, which further increased his authority in school.

The father took birth from his daughter-in-law, and then, after the divorce of his son, many times came to visit his grandchildren. His kindness and generosity have always been boundless.

Nikolai Georgievich, unfortunately, has died. He left his son with a wonderful Odessa sense of humor. He is remembered as a loving, caring father, an excellent specialist and a man of rare spiritual qualities.

The Odessa house

Here, everything is always ready for the arrival of his son. The atmosphere is full of photos and souvenirs on the themes of Chaplin's films - this is Yuri Stoyanov's favorite artist. Numerous actress's awards and prizes are placed in the rooms, and Yevgenia Leonidovna enjoys admiring them with pleasure. She used to be very worried about her son. Anxiety was caused by the withdrawal from the BDT, and the turmoil in family life. Now all this is over. She is calm for Yura, and perhaps this is the main achievement that a good son can boast of.

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