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Lawn mower "Makita": safety tips

Lawn mower "Makita" is a usual tool for lawn care, but it must be manufactured taking into account all safety requirements. The Commission for the Safety of Consumer Goods puts forward such statistics: only in the US annually more than 60,000 victims entering emergency hospitals are injured in unsafe use of lawn mowers. Children under the age of 15 are particularly at risk of injury from lawn mowers. The following are important rules for safe operation of the lawn mower.

Mazita Gasoline Lawn Mower: Precautions

  1. Never smoke when refueling a gas tank.
  2. Store gasoline in special containers for this purpose. The fuel must meet the quality requirements.
  3. Never store gasoline (a filled fuel tank) in a house or room.
  4. Never store a mower or fuel container where there is an open fire (sparks may appear) - near the heater and other similar equipment.
  5. Never pour gasoline into the lawn mower tank in the car's interior or in a body with a plastic floor covering. Always place the tank on the ground before filling, away from your vehicle.
  6. If the gasoline hits the surface of the tank or the lawnmower itself, do not attempt to start the engine, remove the machine from the spill site to avoid creating an ignition source. Wait for the fumes to dissipate.
  7. Never remove the fuel cap and do not add fuel while the engine is running. Allow the engine to cool before refueling.

Lawn mower "Makita": safety measures for all types of mowers

  1. Before starting work, make sure that you have completely read the safety information contained in the manual attached to each lawnmower.
  2. Do not allow children to approach the device.
  3. Lawn mower "Makita" is not intended for use by young children.
  4. If there is a risk that children may be in the area where you mow, then there must necessarily be another responsible adult who will closely monitor them.
  5. Lawn mower blades rotate very fast, they can pick up and throw garbage, which can seriously injure others and the worker himself.
  6. Before starting work, remove small and large debris from the site to avoid the risk of injury.
  7. Makita-lawn mower is equipped with very sharp blades, which can amputate hands and feet.
  8. Do not allow anyone to stand next to the mower during its operation.
  9. Before leaving work place, make sure that the blades have completely stopped and the machine is off.
  10. Always turn off the mower when crossing a sidewalk or road.

Lawn mower "Makita" with electric drive: safety measures

  1. Use only serviceable extension cords.
  2. Always turn off the mower when you move away from it. When unplugging the cable from the outlet, never pull the cord.
  3. Never use an electric mower when it's raining outside.

All these precautions can also be attributed to a device such as a Makita trimmer.

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