Laptop Asus X52N: overview, description, technical specifications

ASUS X52N - inexpensive and powerful laptop from the famous company ASUS. This computer is perfect for home use, work and study. The company ASUS has always been famous for the quality of assembly, the performance of its devices and reliability. Did they manage to prove this all this time? We will test a new laptop and find out.

General description of the model

This laptop is the youngest in the X52 series. The model was created specifically for office workers and students. The uncomplicated technical stuffing affected the low cost. You can buy this laptop on average for 20 thousand rubles. The computer perfectly copes with office tasks, allows you to safely use the Internet and even quietly performs all multimedia functions. Of course, you will not be able to play the most modern games, but the laptop is not created for this. Its main goal is to be comfortable and fast.

Describe the ASUS X52N in one phrase - nothing superfluous. In it you will not find newfangled bells and whistles and technologies, as well as support for all modern devices and so on. This laptop is primarily designed for work. In addition to the working functionality, multimedia capabilities are already coming. It is this approach that bribes consumers. Most models of this segment from other manufacturers are often overloaded with extra upgrades and too powerful stuffing, for which the creators are asking for big money. To this they have every right. But what about those who absolutely do not need all this? People who need an "Office", a browser and an evening movie watching on the road or at home? It was for them that ASUS employees created this laptop model. Let us now describe the appearance and the first impression.

Appearance of ASUS X52N

A stylish and modern body - this is always famous for guys from ASUS. This model in many respects does not lag behind the more expensive laptops of the company. The design of the case is strict and elegant. It seems that this computer is much more expensive. Buyers are only available one classic performance. But it looks in black, gray and brown color, the laptop is very representative. Textured coating gives a flavor and distinguishes a laptop from the gray mass of similar computers. On the traditional cover is engraved the name of the company in chrome letters. A special coating protects the cover from dirt and various scratches, which is another plus in the ASUS piggy bank. In general, the appearance of the laptop is hard to find fault with or almost impossible.

Let's talk about the quality of the assembly. This question was asked at the very beginning of the article. Now we can say with confidence that ASUS did not disappoint and did everything at the highest level.

First, even with a detailed examination of the laptop in the case it is difficult to notice the unadjusted parts or large gaps. There is no play at the cover, the hinges are set quite deep, which makes them almost invisible to the eyes, creating the illusion of the integrity of the design. This technique is very effectively combined with a strict design of the case. When the screen is open, the lid is kept tight - no jiggles or unauthorized changes in the angle of inclination during transfer or shake. In a word, ASUS X52N is made on conscience. This assembly can be set as an example to many notebook manufacturers.

In terms of size, the X52N is a standard and standard notebook with a 15-inch screen. Somewhat disappointing is the thickness of 35.7 mm, but these are trifles, and finding fault with them makes no sense. This disadvantage is more than compensated by weight. The weight of the laptop is only 2.6 kilograms, which allows you to use the computer not only on trips, but also on foot, it's enough to throw it into a special bag or backpack.

ASUS X52N: specifications

The heart of this office notebook is the platform from AMD. The central processor V140 boasts a frequency of 2.3 GHz. For office tasks and surfing on the Internet, this single-core processor is enough. The amount of RAM is 2GB, the volume of the hard drive is 320GB. This will be enough for storing a small library of movies and working files and documents.

For the graphics part is the integrated graphics card AMD Radeon HD4200M. A pleasant bonus was the support for DirectX11 technology, although this model does not really need it - you will not have to play modern games anyway. By default, the laptop is running Windows 7 64-bit.

Screen and sound of laptop

Let's move on to the output devices of the ASUS X52N. The display features the following: 15.6 inches diagonal and a maximum resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. Everything is extremely standard for a laptop. Color rendering at a decent level, at an angle of the image is distorted, but tolerable enough. In general, the screen of the laptop deserves a solid five, if not forget about the cheapness of the device.

The sound system is represented by two stereo speakers with surround sound. Even for so little money, the creators managed to achieve an affordable sound in a budget laptop when watching movies and listening to music.

Input Devices

The keyboard of the laptop is full-sized, which allows the owner to use it with convenience. Buttons are quiet and soft. The keyboard is made completely solid, which prevents dirt and liquids from entering the laptop. The touchpad also deserves attention. It is located in a standard place - below the keyboard, in the middle of the case. Its "field" is slightly recessed into the case, which allows you to use the touchpad in complete darkness. Like any other similar device, it supports touch settings and responds to several simultaneous keystrokes.

additional information

Let's turn to the additional features of the ASUS X52N. The laptop battery capacity of 4400mAh is able to provide the laptop with energy for as long as 3 hours without additional charging with a full load on the iron.

The laptop ASUS X52N turned out to be quite successful. Honestly, it's hard for ASUS to find completely failed models. The X52N is suitable for everyday work, as well as for multimedia tasks. Due to the ease with which it will be convenient to go on business trips and travel. And if you recall its cost, it turns out that the laptop is almost out of competition for the ratio of price and quality.

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