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Jean-Pierre Cassel - French film actor with a stormy personal life

Jean-Pierre Cassel (photos are on page) - a popular French actor, director and screenwriter. One of the most revered Parisian ministers of theatrical and motion picture art. He gained wide popularity due to his roles in such films as "Murder on the Orient Express," "Modest Charm of the Bourgeoisie," "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones," "Fantagiro, or the Cave of the Golden Rose."

Jean-Pierre Cassel: Biography

Born actor September 27, 1932 in Paris. He began his creative career on television, starring in episodic roles. Jean-Pierre Kassel is a versatile artist, but for a long time he was unable to make it to the big screen of French cinema. A meeting with the famous director Philippe de Brock, who invited a twenty-eight-year-old actor to star in his film "Candida", a film adaptation of the classic work of Voltaire, helped.

After the release of the film in 1958, Jean-Pierre Cassel gained fame, and his career went uphill. European viewers recognized the actor when he played the French King Louis XIII in The Three Musketeers directed by Richard Leicester. Jean-Pierre Cassel became also popular thanks to the film "The Modest Charm of the Bourgeoisie" staged by Louis Buñuel. It was a comedic role with a dramatic overtones.

Adultery actors

Gradually Jean-Pierre Kassel, films with which participation became more popular, began to act more often in a role of the hero-lover. It looked a bit strange, because the actor was small, and the operator had to shoot episodes in a certain perspective to somehow equalize him with the actress who plays the character of the mistress.

Nevertheless, the partners of Jean-Pierre were such famous film stars as Brigitte Bardot, Jean Seberg, Catherine Deneuve and Marie Dubois. As a rule, the films in which Jean-Pierre Cassel played the lover were put in the genre of a musical or musical comedy, and this somewhat smoothed out the impression of his short stature, and sometimes even added to the character of comicness.

The actor had a good knowledge of the art of dance, and in most of the musicals with his participation, Jean-Pierre performed choreographic parts. His idol and role model was the legendary American dancer and film actor Fred Astaire.


During his career, Cassel starred in more than sixty full-length films, many of which were included in the gold fund of French cinema. Below is a selective list of films with his participation:

  • "Candide, or Optimism in the Twentieth Century" (1960), the character of Candide.
  • "The Marriage of Figaro" (1961), Figaro.
  • "Arsene Lupine vs. Arsen Lupine" (1962), the role of Lupine.
  • "Cyrano and D'Artagnan" (1964), the character of D'Artagnan.
  • "Air Adventures" (1965), the role of Pierre Dubois.
  • "Holidays of Love" (1965), the role of Corporal Zholikera.
  • "Does Paris burn?" (1966), the character of Lieutenant Henri Kashner.
  • "Miserable" (1966), the role of Cleant.
  • "October Revolution" (1967), the character Narrator.
  • "Break" (1970), Paul of Tom.
  • "Doll and Bear" (1970), the role of Gaspard.
  • "Modest charm of the bourgeoisie" (1973), the role of Henri Seneschal.
  • "Murder in the Orient Express" (1974), the character conductor Pierre Michel.
  • "Meetings of Anna" (1978), the role of Daniel.
  • "Warburg, a man of influence" (1992), character George Vartburg senior.
  • "High Fashion" (1994), the role of Olivier de Lafontaine.
  • "Crimson River" (2000), the character of Dr. Bernard Chernese.
  • "Michelle Valian" (2003), the role of Henri Vallian.
  • "Diving suit and butterfly" (2007), character Lucien.

Roles of the second plan

In addition to the already mentioned films, Jean-Pierre starred in numerous productions, screen versions, serials, playing small roles, which, however, left a visible mark in the hearts of grateful spectators. These were films of different years, such as "Weak Faith", "Ceremony", "Manzhklu", "Alisa", "Life Continues", "Army of Shadows", "Gentle Signors", "Companion", "High Infidelity", " The Woman Has Passed, The Thought, You Love Brahms ?, Napoleon the Second, Fun, Love Games, The Godfather Charlie, Night and Chaos, Burnt, Walk on the Satellite and On a horse, "" Accidental misfortune, "" This is your sister? "," Sacred Youth "," Walking, car and riding "," Bear's Skin "," Happy Road ".

Personal life

Jean-Pierre Kassel throughout his life attracted the attention of reporters like the yellow press, and quite solid publications. The variety of his adventures amazed the imagination. A good, vivid example of his indifference to the female sex can serve as the role of the French pilot Pierre Dubois in the comedy film "Air Adventures", where he does not miss any beautiful woman, and they invariably reciprocate him.

Jean-Pierre Cassel, whose personal life was built around the same pattern as in the famous film, was always in love, full of passion and some amorous plans. The actor was officially married once, but about how many wives he had in fact, the story is silent.

Jean-Pierre has three children, this is for certain known. The eldest son Vincent followed in the footsteps of his father and became a famous actor. He is also not indifferent to the beautiful sex. Handsome Vincent was married to the famous Italian film actress and model Monica Bellucci, but after fourteen years of marriage, in 2013, the couple broke up.

Kassel's middle son, Mathias, behaves in a modest way, he is at work, writing scripts, and actively withdrawing. Daughter Cecil also tries to stir up public opinion, she chose for herself the path of a dramatic actress.

The demise of actor Jean-Pierre Cassel

One of the most notable and charismatic actors of French cinema died in Paris at the age of seventy-four years on April 20, 2007. He was buried in the suburbs of Paris.

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