Prefix for digital TV DVB-T2: review and reviews

Despite the widespread use of mobile gadgets for leisure, such as tablets and smartphones, televisions (and all television in general) remain not only the main sources of information, but also entertainment centers in particular. If you look at the market of TV devices, we will see that it is full of all sorts of "smarts", 3D visualizers, any kind of diagonals and pictures for every taste, up to ultra-high resolutions.

Those who do not hurry to acquire a high-tech TV, but want to join in all the digital delights, as an alternative, you can advise a very simple and quite acceptable for the average user solution - a prefix for digital TV DVB-T2 (Russian broadcast standard). It is, as a rule, a small box that will modestly stand near your TV and broadcast digital channels that were previously inaccessible.

So, let's look at the best DVB-T2 digital TV set-top boxes: review and feedback, advantages and disadvantages, as well as expert opinion of this field. All the models described below can be easily found on the domestic market of home appliances and electronics. In addition, all devices are perfectly adapted to Russian realities and are easy to connect and manage.


This DVB-T2 digital TV set-top box is made in China, it is very modest, but at the same time universal in size. On the plastic case of this miniature tuner you will not see anything superfluous, only the most necessary: the power button, the mini USB interface, the HDMI output and the composite input for old TVs.

The basic control is carried out with the help of the IR-console, and the portable sensor of reception can be attached in any reasonable place. The maximum range of the "shot" of the DPU is about 3.5 meters, which is more than enough for the middle room.

Device Features

In addition, DVB-T2 DBR-501 DVB-T2 has a very good configuration for its dimensions: a 5V charger (adapter), a multifunctional remote control, a remote infrared sensor with a loop, and a standard composite cable ("tulip"). About the picture in high definition (HD), you can not speak because of a modest set of chipsets, but for old TVs - it is.

The owners are mostly positive about the model. Here, and an acceptable price, and the availability of all necessary interfaces, and convenient management with a rich console. Some complain about too modest a set of codecs, which reads well only AVI, yes MP4, and the rest either with brakes, or no sound at all. In other respects, MDI DBR-501 is quite a good prefix for digital TV DVB-T2. For televisions with a large diagonal, it does not make sense to buy it, due to the lack of HD-development, well, for medium and small screens just right.

Approximate price is about 1500 rubles.


Digital DVB-T2 set-top boxes from VVC have always been very popular with the Russian consumer. The model SMP123HDT2 has also become an exception, where both price and return are successfully combined. The gadget is very easy to configure and intuitively understandable, so there should not be any problems with connection and use.

The case of the console is made of durable plastic, which is practically not heated during operation. As for the interfaces, here we have a standard set - a composite output and an HDMI port. In addition, the presence of a USB-output allows you to watch video from third-party media.

Owners quite warmly respond about the model, where the main argument for the purchase was still the price, and not some gadget features (which are quite on the level). Some complain about the fastidious prefixes to video formats (without the support of the AC3 codec), but this is the trouble of all devices of such a plan in this segment.

Estimated cost - about 1000 rubles.


This is one of the best selling models in the domestic market of this kind of equipment. One of the main advantages of the set-top box is a simple setup and a confident reception of a digital signal. The gadget feels great both on the HDMI output and on the "SCART" with the composite ("tulip"). Pay special attention to this nuance before connecting a digital set-top box to receive digital TV.

In addition, the body of the model is made of aluminum, which makes the gadget not only protected from scratches and other minor damages, but also greatly improves the heat exchange of the entire structure. That is, after a long use it is enough to turn off the console for a few minutes, and after a very short time it will completely cool down.

User opinion

The owners are very good about the model. They appreciated the ease of setting the console, a good reception in HD-resolution, as well as the presence of a nice body of metal. Moreover, the gadget is devoid of the problems that encumbered the above-described devices, that is, conflicts with codecs. Some owners complain about the barely perceptible squeak during the operation of the console, but this moment can not be called critical, except for those who like to sleep under your favorite video.

Approximate price is about 1700 rubles.

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