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Kobido - Japanese face massage. Technique of execution, feedback

Kobido - massage comes from Japan, which gives a tremendous effect. The condition of the facial skin is markedly improved thanks to a carefully developed technique. Massage can relieve tension from the muscles of the neck and face, as well as enhance regeneration at the cellular level. The skin will reach the inner radiance if you perform the massage regularly. The result will not let anyone down, the wonderful effect of the procedures will get absolutely everything. Therefore, do not just sit and choose expensive creams for rejuvenation, it's time to learn the technique of Japanese massage and rather apply it!

Japanese massage

The famous massage technique is used in various salons, and simply has a lot of popularity among ordinary people. After all, the main advantage is the fact that massage can be done not only with the help of other people, but also independently. Thanks to this, money is saved, and the skin of the face becomes more elastic and acquires a healthy appearance.

The technology itself interested not only women, but also men. In fact, young people want to preserve both the fair sex and strong courageous individuals. Japan is a beautiful country, which has always been famous for its beautiful inhabitants. It is because of this that the Japanese can be boldly addressed on issues of rejuvenation. They really know a lot about real beauty and longevity.

People always paid attention to how Japanese girls look. Their age is simply impossible to guess. The main secret is massage, which was invented a long time ago, although it was recently started to actively use it. The main task of Japanese facial massage is to influence the connective tissue and facial muscles. Such a scheme provides a miraculous effect in the end.

The session does not last too long, but during this time the human body has time to be full of energy for a long time, and the face gets rid of the hated wrinkles and rejuvenates.


Until very old age, the Japanese retain a beautiful appearance. For this they do not need to spend money on plastic surgery. After all, all this magical power, they get only with the help of unique finger movements. Also, the Japanese can boast of the fact that they are able to independently care for their own body without using any additional funds.

Simple rules for skin care must be made in daytime tasks, after which the person will receive immediate rejuvenation and feel freedom. The effect that can be obtained after the session will be terrific. When performing a massage, you can achieve the following goals:

  • Get rid of puffiness;
  • Normalize the metabolism;
  • Normalize the skin of the face;
  • To find freshness and brightness of complexion;
  • Slow the process of appearance of wrinkles.

Popular View - Kobido

Flowering appearance of the people of Japan can boast thanks to Kobido (facial massage, based on the practice of the Anma). This technique was developed specifically for geisha, and in translation the word "Kobido" means "traditional image of beauty." Not only geishas, but also samurai with pleasure experienced the effect of massage. Most sessions were conducted in the evening or early in the morning to make up for the internal energy supply and get a good mood for a long time.

Technology has become available to people for a long time. For all time, it has always been popular with the Japanese. Even the great rulers tried to keep the freshness and beautiful appearance of the skin of the face with this method. Then Kobido began to be used in other countries, because the effect was noticeable after the first time.

An effective result will be achieved only if the movements are carried out correctly. In general, the technique is kneading, pinching, rubbing and stroking the skin of the face. Doing every action is necessary very carefully, so as not to damage the inner layers of the epithelium.

As you know, a person's face is divided into lines responsible for certain organs. In the technique of Kobido, attention is focused on the lines of the urinary system and the functioning of the large intestine. Thanks to this, the digestion process will be improved, the body cleansing will be accelerated.

The state of health will improve significantly, and the tone of the face will return to normal. Especially massage is useful for people who spend a long time at work and lead an active lifestyle.

In addition to the main advantages of all Japanese performance techniques, this version of the massage has its advantages, which can not but be noted:

  1. During the session, the production of collagen and elastin is activated.
  2. As a result, the skin becomes the "possessor" of the lifting effect.
  3. To perform unique movements, only three fingers (large, index and middle) should be involved.
  4. Every millimeter of the skin of the face, as well as the neck and décolletage, gets under the influence.

For people who have reached the age of 30, Kobido will provide a fresh complexion, while those who are already 45 years old will return to youth.

Important points

Kobido - the massage is quite simple, but the time for its detailed study is still worthwhile. The person who will perform the basic actions must know exactly where and how all the lines that need to be worked out are located.

Lymphonoduses should not be massaged, as this can lead to adverse effects. And the movements themselves should be softer that the person does not feel discomfort.

Stages of implementation

Many people want to know the famous Japanese massage Kobido. Training is not that difficult, but without it, getting to work is prohibited. There are two main stages in the technique of execution:

  1. Warming up. Here the skin is cleaned from previously applied cosmetics, using it with special means (you can take a regular face gel). Then, using a hot towel, "open" the pores. Further it is recommended to purchase a special scrub to clean the skin from the keratinized parts and fat surpluses. And the last step at this stage will be the treatment of the face, neck and décolletage area with a moisturizer.
  2. Active phase. Circular movements make a warm-up (at this time the area to be massaged should be slightly dumb). Further pads of two or three fingers need to slightly "shift" the skin. And only after that you can start the massage of individual lines.


It is recommended Kobido (massage) in the presence of such problems as:

  • acne;
  • Frequent depression;
  • Dry / oily skin of the face;
  • Mimic wrinkles.

Technique is often used as a preventive tool to maintain the tone of the body and maintain external beauty. During the procedure, the patient should be relaxed. This will help to get the necessary energy and get rid of external stimuli.


Facial massage of Kobido, which is available to everyone for training, also has contraindications:

  • infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • Neck trauma;
  • Period after cosmetic surgery.

To properly perform all the actions you need to use oil or a normal moisturizer. These drugs can cause allergic reactions, so before a massage, be sure that no problems with the skin after this does not arise.


Absolutely all patients are satisfied with the effect that Kobido massage gives. The feedbacks let people know what kind of results can be achieved if it is carried out regularly. The contours of the face become more expressive, which is especially important for the fair sex. And men appreciate aristocracy and sharpness of appearance after several sessions.

Live view is noticeable in people who have tried on themselves face massage Kobido. Feedback about this advantage is also available. On the face and eyes no more signs of fatigue, only energy and positive emotions are noticeable. So do not delay the preservation of beauty and youth for tomorrow, take care of yourself today.

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