Knocking in the front suspension - what can it be?

Chassis - this is the part of the car that, along with the body, is subjected to critical loads during the movement. Most often, the suspension of the car suffers because of poor-quality road surface. When you hit the pit, the entire load of the car falls exactly on the chassis, so on our roads, its frequent failure will not surprise anyone. But even in Germany, which is famous for its smooth high-speed autobahns, this problem is also relevant. Of course, the Germans do not often diagnose the suspension as our car owners, but nothing in the world lasts forever. And sooner or later the mechanisms of the car fail. A sign of this can serve as a thud in the front suspension. What does it mean and what details should I pay attention to? Further in our article.

Suspension levers

Strange sounds can appear primarily because of these details. If the levers are deformed, they will necessarily make themselves felt. On the road, this can be seen not only in sound, but also in the impact on the steering wheel, which in turn leads to a deterioration in the handling of the car.

Silent blocks

Knocking in the front suspension can often occur due to a faulty silent block. The signs of this breakdown are similar to the first case. Therefore, when your iron friend began to badly "steer", pay special attention to the silent blocks. Their degree of deterioration is fairly simple. To do this, shake the ends of the levers with a special tool (mounting).

Springs of the front pillar

Here, a more characteristic feature is the withdrawal of the car in a ditch or on the oncoming lane. Why is this happening? The fact is that after the wear of the springs the whole suspension sags a little, and if you do not replace them in time, the machine will lean heavily to one side.

Tips of steering drafts

Knocking in the front suspension of the VAZ can also occur through the worn-out fingers of the steering rod. If you do not make the diagnosis in time and do not replace this part, there will be an increased play of the tips, which is absolutely unacceptable for the car. Driving on such a car is just dangerous. And you can check the play in two ways: with a special tool (most often on the SRT) or with your own hands (put the palm to the tip and thus measure the gap). It often happens that the gap can be seen with the naked eye. In this case, driving may end in an accident.

Anthers of supports and tips

Knocking in the front suspension can also occur due to anthers. These elements perform the function of protecting the support and tips from the ingress of various particles of road dust and water droplets. And when the anthers cease to function, all this rubbish falls on the working parts, which also leads to their premature failure.

And finally one more element - shock absorber. Because of its malfunction, there may also be a knock on the front suspension. Similar signs indicate that there is no hydraulic fluid in the shock absorber. In this case, you should change the old part to a new one.

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