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Let's figure out what solidarity is

In modern language there are so many different terms and concepts. But to understand with all, unfortunately, it is impossible, because it's simply impossible to know everything. Therefore, this article will tell you what solidarity is and when it is necessary and possible to use this word.

Notation of the concept

It should be said that this concept, on the one hand, does not have an exact, single designation, because it can be viewed from the social, political, legal and other points of view. Speaking generally, it is better to turn to the original source and translate the given word from Latin, which will mean "lasting". However, only on this designation it is quite difficult to draw conclusions. Therefore, it is worth considering this term from various points of view.

Social solidarity

When analyzing what solidarity is, first of all it is best to turn to the notion of "social solidarity". In this case, the term itself will be much simpler and everything will become very clear. What does this mean? In short, it is the interdependence of people. It is based on the unity of certain actions or beliefs, it is a kind of mutual aid and support. Also, people can be in solidarity with each other if they have one goal in front of which they strive to achieve.

Political component

It is possible to consider what solidarity is from the political point of view. So, the designation will be very similar. What, then, does the dictionary of political terms say? This is the consistency of people in their actions and opinions, mutual assistance and support in the middle of one social group. Again, this is done most often to achieve the same goals.

Labor solidarity

So, solidarity: the meaning of the word can also be considered from a labor point of view. There is the concept of conveyor solidarity, when all people standing along one machine perform the functions that are necessary to achieve a result in the common cause, thereby helping each other achieve the desired final result. Solid workers can be not only along one machine, but also in one working group, firm or other work unit.

Male solidarity

However, there are also such concepts as female or male solidarity. The meaning of the word in this context will be somewhat different. This is more a household interpretation of the word. This refers to the support of representatives of one sex in this or that case, even if by deception or some other kind of dishonesty in front of representatives of the opposite sex. So, the husband can lie that he spent the evening with a friend, not with a mistress. And this will be confirmed by the same comrade, although this will not be true. This is what is called male solidarity. However, for the sake of truth, it should be said that today this concept has somewhat disfigured and can be perceived in a deformed, incorrect meaning.

Solidarity for Durkheim

About that, what solidarity is, the great philosopher and theorist Emil Durkheim said in his works, exploring the society and the notion of the division of labor. So, according to him, solidarity in itself is something moral that can not be explained, observed or measured. He said that this is the highest good, a great value that can be recognized by all members of one society. In his opinion, there are two types of solidarity - mechanical and organic. Its first form occurs in primitive communities, where there was no special division of labor, and members of one group always performed approximately the same functions. At the same time everything was regulated by religious, traditional or collective views. The second type - organic solidarity - develops already in an industrial society, when each person performs his specific functions, working for the benefit of the whole society as a whole. In this case, according to the philosopher, the collective pressure on such a person is significantly weakened.

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