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Make homemade sausages: a recipe and a description of the stages of cooking

Feeding a child is sometimes not very easy: he wants a child of sausages, and buying this product in the store is quite scary. A solution to the non-children's problem can be home-made sausages. The recipe for similar products for babies often includes chicken or minced meat. Choose only natural, proven ingredients that will not cause a child to have an allergic reaction or food poisoning. Stuffing is worth doing alone, so the quality of meat will be guaranteed.

With cheese

Prepare homemade chicken sausages is quite simple. This will require:

  • Dry milk of high quality - 5-6 st. Spoons;
  • Fine salt - 5-6 hours spoons;
  • 700-800 g of fresh chicken meat (fillets or meat from the legs);
  • A tablespoon of white fine granulated sugar;
  • 200-250 g of solid quality cheese;
  • 2 tbsp. Spoons of mustard powder (you can safely refuse if the kids do not like mustard flavor);
  • 200 g of low-fat milk;
  • A teaspoon (without a slide) of ground pepper.

Homemade sausages with cheese are an excellent dish for any children's table. The combination of chicken meat with excellent cheese perfectly diversifies the kids' meal, and a garnish of small colored pasta will make kids happy.

Preparation of products with cheese

That the mince for sausages was juicy, it is necessary to mix a chicken breast and meat of shins. After twisting the stuffing, after it must be properly repulsed. This is to ensure that the pieces are completely mixed with each other, which will give the sausages an unsurpassed taste. You can also twist the meat two times, then the consistency of the stuffing will be soft and they will resemble shop sausages. Many recipes suggest using ice when twisting meat. For home preparation, this advice is inappropriate. Time of twisting fillets is small, so overheating of meat is excluded.

After cooking stuffing, you can do the spices. All dry ingredients must be mixed in a large high bowl. After that, already to the homogeneous dry mixture it is necessary to add a base. Careful mixing requires once a twisted minced meat, twice twisted meat is easily mixed with spices, which greatly simplifies the cooking process. To make homemade chicken sausages more fragrant, milk should be added at room temperature.

The prepared cheese needs to be cut into small cubes so that they can later be easily filled into a collagen shell or wrapped in a food film. Using the first option for making sausages, it is worthwhile to spend scrupulously the whole process of stuffing. Shells are very thin - with a strong pressure of the meat can quickly burst, the damaged edge must be rewound. Boil homemade sausages need 15 minutes in hot (80 ° C) water.


Fans of a soft harmonious taste can make dairy homemade sausages. The recipe for cooking is simple and even for teenagers. For cooking, you will need:

  • Kilogram of any quality meat;
  • 1 chicken average egg;
  • A glass of home-made, low-fat milk;
  • 100-110 g of butter;
  • A pinch of salt and a fragrant small nutmeg.

Beef or pork forcemeat is worth several times slowly through the meat grinder. So its consistency will be supple and soft, which will give dairy sausages a presentable appearance. Many do not know how to make sausages at home with the aroma of cooked boiled sausage. Now we'll reveal the secret. For this, a quality nutmeg is added to the home ground meat. It is he who will give the sausages a familiar smell of purchased.

In ready-made homemade meat it is necessary to make eggs, dry spices and cooked warm milk. After that, it is worth to mix the mixture well, and then to fight off. Beef and pork are rather tough kinds of meat. Therefore, it is necessary to beat such stuffing many times, then the products will become juicy and soft. For filling sausages can be used as a nozzle on the meat grinder, and wrap the meat in a polyethylene film.

That during cooking home products did not burst, filling a cover or a film, it is necessary to leave free space. When a bunch of sausages is ready, in each product it is necessary to pierce a couple of small holes so that the air freely leaves during cooking.


Gourmets or lovers of spices can cook Italian home-made sausages. The recipe for original meat products includes fennel, which gives sausages color and spice. For preparation it is required:

  • 450-500 g of pork chopped minced meat;
  • Half a red large sweet pepper;
  • 1.5 teaspoons of fennel and shallow salt.

In ready-made pork forcemeat, you need to mix up the twisted sweet pepper. After the first mixing, dry ingredients should be added to the mixture. For Italian sausages it is worth taking the thinnest shell (the natural gut will be an exceptional option, the meat during frying in such a "shell" will always be juicy).

To give the products an additional flavor, it is worth frying them on the peeled branches of cherry spread out in a frying pan. Due to their juice the sausages will turn rosy.


For the owner of the house you can safely cook Irish homemade sausages. The recipe for colorful products includes ginger and cayenne pepper, which perfectly enriches the taste of meat. For the preparation of Irish juicy sausages you will need:

  • 700-800 g of excellent fresh pork;
  • 250-270 g of pork salted fat;
  • A small pinch of marjoram (sage);
  • 2 full tablespoons of biscuits (it is better to take white);
  • Medium pinch of ground pepper, small nutmeg, cayenne pepper, quality ground ginger.

For Irish spicy sausages, the meat must be finely chopped or twisted once. It is the structure of the products that speaks about their Irish nature. When the meat is chopped, it can be added finely twisted bacon, and dry spices will be the final chord. After a delicate shaving with meat, you can stuff a shell or wrap it in a film.


Now you know how it is possible to cook delicious sausages at home. As you can see, there are many options for creating meat products, choose one that you like.

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