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Kevin Johnson: Biography and Career

A vivid representative of American boxing is heavyweight Kevin Johnson. He was also a contender for the world title.


Kevin was born on September 7, 1979 in Asbur Park, New Jersey, USA. Now he lives and conducts training in the largest city of Georgia - Atlanta. About hobbies it is known only that the boxer listens to rap. He took up boxing at the age of eighteen. Of the sixteen fights, 14 were completed by Kevin Johnson's victory. The boxer won the tournament for the champion's cup in the state.

Kevin's professional boxing career began in February 2013. The athlete defeated the American Stanford Brisbon. Then he met in a duel with the then-known Timur Ibragimov. In the battle, Johnson held out to a draw. In 2008, Kevin defeated Bruce Seldon. He was regarded as the best heavyweight in America.

The boxer has his rather interesting tactics. He does not have sufficient power to strike, but he has an effective and accurate jab (Russian sources use the term "direct left"). In addition, it has good speed and response.

Duel with Vitali Klitschko

After the victory over Seldon Kevin was preparing for the championship fight with Klitschko. This was the first title fight in the career of Kevin Johnson. The boxer defended well during the fight, sometimes pierced his crown jabs, but he could not knock Vitali off. Unfortunately, he lost all rounds to the champion from Ukraine. Kevin was the second in the history of boxer who managed to stand up against Klitschko. After the fight between the heavyweights, there was almost a fight. Johnson managed to still anger Vitali Klitschko. After a fight with the champion, Kevin Johnson held three minor bouts, and then almost a year did not appear in the ring.


In 2012, Kevin's fight with British heavyweight Tyson Fury took place . In the duel, the American used the same tactics as in the fight against Klitschko - he defended himself, occasionally punching punches. As a result of the 12-round fight with a wide margin in the count, the victory was won by the British Tyson.

And after the victory in 2013 over Australian Solomon Huamano Kevin Johnson lost to the German Christian Hammer. Then on a fight in the UK the heavyweight went to the first in the career knockdown from Derek Chisora. Then followed a series of setbacks: Kevin lost to German Manuel Charru, a year later Anthony Joshua sent him to the second in a career knockdown, and in April of this year he lost to Bulgarian boxer Poolevoy. Perhaps Kevin will return to the ring and be able to regain his former glory, which we wish him.

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