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Kaisyn Kuliev: biography, interesting facts and creativity

One of the most outstanding writers of the twentieth century is rightly considered Kaysyn Shuvaevich Kuliev. Biography of the Soviet writer from the very beginning had many dark spots and was filled with various events. The future poet Kaisyn Kuliev was born in the most disturbing time of the beginning of revolutions and vague reorganizations in the upper circles of power. It happened this honorable event on November 1, 1917 in the village of Upper Chegem. His father worked as a pastoralist and hunter, but, unfortunately, he died when the boy was still very small. So about this man, Kaisyn had rather vague memories.

Kaisyn Kuliev: short biography

Let's talk in more detail about this man. No one knew who Kaisyn Kuliyev would become in the future. A short biography leads to many places where he had to get an education.

After school, the future poet went to Nalchik in a pedagogical college. At this very time, he begins to write poetry. The thick notebooks filled with pages full of pages were filled with the masterpieces of the young poet, and the first publication took place in 1933.

Further development of Kaisyn Kuliev's literary skills took place within the walls of the State Institute of Theatrical Art (GITIS) and the Literary Institute named after M. Gorky.

The master of the poetic case is Kaisyn Kuliev. Biography and creativity

Having received an excellent education, Kaisyn will always remember with gratitude the years spent at the GITIS, but by that time he will already firmly determine for himself that he is faithful to literature and that is what he considers his main recognition. At the same time, he taught literature and printed in various publications.

In 1940, Kaisyn Kuliev made his debut - a collection of poems "Hello, the beginning of the day." At the very time when Germany declared war on the Soviet Union, the writer was in the Baltics. Defending the Motherland, the poet did not escape the wounds, after which he arrived in Moscow in 1942 at the invitation of A. Fadeyev. Despite the troubled wartime, Kaisyn Kuliyev's poems continued to appear in various printed editions of the USSR, and also sounded on the All-Union radio.

In Moscow, the poet had the opportunity to arrange a small creative evening, which was attended by such famous poets and writers as Konstantin Simonov, Boris Pasternak, Vera Zvyagintseva and many others. Naturally, the creativity of the young talent was appreciated. A year later Kaisyn Kuliev's lyrical collection was included in the list of books claiming to be awarded the Stalin Prize. But in connection with the deportation of 1944, the prize never found its master.

The war years caused serious damage to the author's health and soul. He saw many deaths, pain, suffering, heavy losses and heroic battles, advancements on the fronts, multiple victories and defeats. At the same time, he worked as a correspondent for the newspaper "Son of the Fatherland", and at the same time printed his poems, which rightly earned him the recognition of the public.

"And in the fire, and in the water for your people ..."

Soon he will learn the sad news about deportation of Balkars to Central Asia. The question of the future fate of the poet was not standing - he simply could not accept this and therefore went to the aid of his people, realizing all the difficulties that could overtake him there.

He did not stop writing for a minute, any prohibitions of the Kyrgyz authorities could not prevent the aspiration to creativity. This period was marked by the wide participation of Kaisyn in the literary life of his country, but almost all his poems were written "on the table." This is how the great poet lived for ten long years.

The influence of art on the formation of K. Kuliev

During this time he not only became addicted to Eastern literature, but completely disappeared into it. The influences of this high culture increasingly captivated the mind of the young poet. At the same time, he discovers the great classical works of Russian poets and writers. Later Boris Pasternak wrote about Kaisyn Kuliev that the arrows of the East and the West came together above his head. Also it has appeared the rights. Literature of different times and peoples, strongly influenced the world outlook of the poet, literally brought up in him the person who soon wrote his greatest works.

Kaysyn Kuliyev called his great teachers by right the great Russian classics - M.Yu. Lermontov, A.S. Pushkin, F. Tyutchev, as well as many European classics, among whom honorable place is taken by Lord Byron.

Return of the author to the literature

In the mid-fifties, a new star, Kaisyn Kuliyev, flared ever more brightly in the Moscow literary firmament, whose biography was already full of many tragic and joyful events by this time, and the ability to compose lyrical works was not inferior in skill to recognized masters of his craft.

Not so long ago he graduated from the highest literary courses in the capital of the Soviet Union and was already thinking about returning to his homeland, where his fame and success waited, and his works - the release and grateful fans. Literature goes simultaneously in Balkar and Russian.

As it turned out, the author, the poet, and many other roles in one person are all Kaisyn Shuvaevich Kuliev. The biography of the author over the next few decades gives us the notion of his comprehensive education. After all, he managed to visit both a member of the board of the Writers 'Union of the USSR, and chairman of the defense of peace in Kabardino-Balkaria, and first secretary of the Writers' Union.

Staying at the literary peak ...

Kaisyn Kuliev's biography briefly tells us about the heyday of his literary forces. It was during the "thaw" and "stagnation" that this man's creativity was at the peak of popularity, despite the difficult economic situation in the countries of the Union. His new collections (Fire on the Hill, Wounded Stone, Star to Burn, Evening, Ears and Stars) become real bestsellers and quickly gain popularity among the literary elite and not only.

Biography Kaisyn Kuliev briefly can not contain all the virtues of the great poet and fully tell about his life path, which turned out really hard, thorny. Especially the last five years of the life of the great poet were full of suffering because of a serious illness. But he did not let the pen out of his hands and did not lose hope, until the last clung to the threads of life and continued to write furiously to have time to say all that he should. Yes, this is the secret of such a person as Kaisyn Kuliyev, whose biography is filled with majestic strength of spirit and courage to the last breath.

Curious facts about your favorite poet ...

From the memoirs of the great man's contemporaries, the image of such a poet as he was in a simple life, behind the scenes of creativity, glory and recognition, emerges before us. Friends admitted that his poems truly touch them, touching the innermost strings of the soul, and can not remain indifferent. Chingiz Aitmatov wrote about Kaisyn that he possessed a phenomenal memory and paid special attention to classical music, believing that they should be praised for inspiration and forming him as a poet.

The son of Kaisyn Kuliyev, Alim, who devoted a little work to him, says that his father had a full sense of patience and love. And even now, when he is no longer on earth, he continues to be an example of vital wisdom for them. Two wonderful sons could bring up for their lives Kaisyn Kuliev. Biography, interesting facts about the father, as well as many other things - all this contained small works of brothers.

Impressive generosity

The children told of his father that he was a very kind person and could always share the last crust of bread with the people around him, while remaining hungry. His friends could always rely on him, no matter what, and the poet himself was only happy to help and be useful in any affairs of everyday life.

Once, according to the poet's son, he managed to help one innocent convicted person who was sentenced to death. Kaisyn himself did not expect that his intervention would be able to change anything, but decided to try. What a surprise and joy when he became the main culprit of a good event for this innocent man - he was changed the kind of punishment, and he remained alive. Kaisyn Kuliev for a long time could not come to his senses, rejoicing at it like a baby. Apparently, good is always able to deliver such pleasure.

Yes, this man was Kaysyn Kuliev. His biography is full of other good deeds. However, as a modest person, he is not used to talking about achievements of this kind throughout the whole district, so we have an opportunity to learn about his generosity only through the memories of close friends and friends.

The young generation knows practically nothing about such a poet as Kaisyn Kuliev. The short biography is not capable of conveying the fullness of the soul of this person, but even from such a handful of facts one can conclude what it was like.

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