Is pure romance important in a relationship?

Every woman, from the moment she realized that she was a woman, dreams of a romantic relationship. This applies to women of all ages. Beginning with the kindergarten, the girls want to play with the boys and strive to win their attention. What happens when girls grow up, and hormones fill all the free space in the body. They already do not need anything: parents are not needed, studies are tiresome and no longer draws either to dance or to music. Now all thoughts are filled only by how "he" looked, what he said and whether she will invite her to a date tomorrow.

Everyone passed this age when you want to walk in the park, holding on to the handles, and look at each other with loving eyes.

Oddly enough, with teenagers, everything is clear, they have an age such a period of great changes in life and worldview.

But as for adult mature women, who have already achieved something in life, they have their own life position and position in society. Who would not say, but such women also want to have romance and love in their lives. Many business business women very vehemently reject this fact, but, nevertheless, it remains indestructible. And they also want to have a pure romance in the relationship. After all, any sane person, experiencing a feeling of love and affection in one way or another romantic for a loved one.

In the relationship is not often found pure romance, as the modern rhythm of life does not allow us to enjoy the starry sky and look at the moon when we want it. Social conditions put us in such a framework that there is very little time left for romance. But, nevertheless, any woman is pleased to see a bouquet of fresh chrysanthemums in the bedroom in the morning, and how you can withhold tenderness when your husband or boy brings coffee to your bed in the morning and whispers pleasant tenderness in your ear.

Such small romantic moments are necessary in the life of any person, they bring a lot of positive emotions and energy for a long time.

Imagine that you came from work tired and exhausted, barely got home and reluctantly took off her shoes. And my husband happened to be at home by accident (he left his job early to make you feel good) and had already prepared your favorite dish for dinner, poured hot water into the tub with foam and lighted the candles. Which woman refuses to feel loved and desired? It's pure romance, when people can show their love not only with words.

Women, dear, do not refuse, if the guy has decided for you to do something, and certainly do not criticize!

Even if you did not like the surprise, and the dinner was a little burnt, you should not talk about it. Better kiss him and tell me how much you love him.

Romantic moments bring harmony and balance to the family life. Thanks to such small joys, the relationship does not stand still, but constantly develops. So some married couples, having lived in marriage for ten years, decide to marry in church or simply arrange a second wedding. This only strengthens their alliance.

Thanks to romance, we can forget about everyday problems, cares for children and difficulties at work. You can not think about anything, just enjoy each other.

I want to appeal to men, do not be shy to be romantic, no matter how serious and self-confident a woman might seem, she will accept your romantic motives with great enthusiasm and gratitude if it is pure romance.

Remember the phrase from the famous film "The Irony of Fate", when half-drunk Zhenya (the protagonist) speaks to the indignant Ippolit: "We have forgotten how to do great good nonsense." We stopped climbing out the window to our beloved women. "

Dear our beloved men, we really want women to make good, sweet, funny and pleasant nonsense again!

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