Want to write a letter to your girlfriend? The main thing is not to rush!

If you think that in today's world there is no place for such an old-fashioned thing - it's your right. However, romanticism is inherent in the human nature of any era. If you decide to write a letter to your beloved girl, we will help in this by no means simple, as many think, the case.

What is it for?

It has long been common to give signs of attention to a beloved woman. We give expensive gifts and chic bouquets, we lead our loved ones to a restaurant and drive to a romantic trip. A modern man does not spare money or time - just to please his beloved. All this, of course, is good, but only roses - wither, gifts - forget, the acuity of the sensations from the trip - will eventually be lost in the depths of everyday life. But a beautiful letter to your beloved girl - it will always be there, always remind you of feelings, make you smile sweetly and revive forgotten feelings.

Maybe your relationship is still at the stage of courtship? Conquer the heart of your beloved will help this though old-fashioned, but very romantic and effective way. Expressed on paper feelings will open to your lover another side of your soul. You will rise at once in her eyes, charm and give a sea of pleasant sensations. Let your chosen one feel like a medieval princess of a fairy-tale country!

Are you married? A love message will warm up your favorite long years of living together. It has the power to awaken feelings that have withered with the years and emotions. Create a unique, bright and unique letter to your beloved girl will require time, some effort and knowledge of certain subtleties of this peculiar letter.

Some tips

First - never in a hurry. The phrase "I will love you for a long time, my fish" can hardly be called ideal for a love confession.

Using comparisons and diminutive words - do not overdo it - everything should be in moderation. It is important that in the words of the love message, tenderness and care, love and affection, gratitude and praise be felt. After reading the letter, your lady should understand how much you need it and how strong your sincere feelings are.

If you are the first to write a letter to your beloved girlfriend or wife, you should start with a small text in a couple of sentences. By the reaction of his beloved, who will not slow down to show himself - you can understand how your words could affect her soul. You can even ask about it directly. If the answer is yes, you can write a more serious and long letter.

Pay attention to spelling, punctuation and the style of the letter - mistakes in a love letter are repelled. When creating a love message, do not be afraid to seem obtrusive or stupid - in any case, the addressee will apprehend this amazing fact with trepidation.

Do not allow too complex turns - you are not writing a scientific article, but a letter to your beloved girl, who want to reach her heart.

Know how to say goodbye beautifully

It's no secret that relationships between men and women do not always develop in the right direction. The mismatch of characters, too different views and the type of thinking lead to the decision to part. In order not to lose someone who is already close to you, you should write a letter showing your sincere feelings and describing the need to part. It is important to emphasize that the girl herself or her behavior does not in any way influence your decision. That is, show that it is not her fault, that all the fault is in your inability to accept it as it is.

Creating a farewell letter to your beloved girl - remember her feelings. Choose beautiful words of gratitude for the wonderful time that you spent together. Even parting, give her care and attention. Let your parting be filled with respect and love.

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