How does a guy make you think of you? Several reliable ways

Since childhood we have been told that the initiative should come exclusively from the man. If a guy literally does not give a passage and constantly tries to remind himself, then this is more fully a normal phenomenon. But if this is how a girl behaves towards a man, she is more likely to be recognized as mentally unbalanced than a lover.

Then the representative of the beautiful half is only one thing: to try to provoke a man's interest in a more veiled way. Namely, to occupy all his thoughts solely with his person. But how to make a guy think of you?

Presence effect

Surely you somehow have to contact the object of adoration. Maybe it's your colleague at work or a friend of your girlfriend (relative). How to make a guy think of you in this case? Try to pause for a while before him, just be friendly and polite. And then it is necessary after a while to disconnect from his life (or at least try to cross it with him less). Then this person will start thinking about you, because you were though very small, but still a part of his life.

And we are in the network

If you rarely contact a person in real life, why not start dating in social networks? How can a guy make you think about yourself through correspondence? Of course, banal messages like "Hi, how are you?" - they will not work. You have to stand out and write something original, preferably with a touch of subtle humor.

If the contact between you is established, try to learn more about it (his profession, hobby, etc.), but do not ask about his personal life. For example, any man will like it, if he is asked some advice or his opinion on some important issue. If you know how to be a pleasant interlocutor, the guy will definitely think about you.

Confidence in everything

We all heard for a long time that men love confident women. If you constantly look not at the interlocutor, but in the floor, then it is unlikely that you will be interested in it. But at the same time, it is not worth it to go too far. Do not just "devour" the guy's eyes, show a slight interest in him, and then leave the choice solely for him.

Finishing chord

When you have already managed to get to know each other, you tried to smash him on the spot with your beauty, intelligence and wit, how to find out what the guy thinks about you? With certainty, one thing can be said: if you did not even interest him as a woman, he would certainly be grateful to fate for having had the opportunity to communicate with an interesting person.

Even if all your attempts were unsuccessful, do not despair. Do not go down to such extreme methods as endless confessions of love or hysteria. And most importantly - stop wondering: "Does the guy think about me?"

Unrequited love is at least once in the life of every woman. Do not need to believe that it's only about you, because they do not like good qualities, but just like that. Even the most beautiful and successful women are often rejected or abandoned. Ironically, as soon as you stop thinking, how to make a guy think of you, he will immediately appear on the horizon.

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