Hugh Jackman: the actor's skin cancer was discovered three years ago

Cancer is a scourge of our society, sometimes it is very difficult to fight with it, but millions of people around the world are not going to give up. This "fighter" was also one of the sexiest actors of modern times - Hugh Jackman. The Australian actor is familiar to us for the main role in the fantastic film "People X".

The history of the actor's illness

How did Hugh Jackman learn about the disease? Cancer crept up to him unnoticed. At first, the man was worried about the stain on his nose, but he did not consider it necessary to consult a doctor. In addition, in 2013 at that time he participated in the filming of a new part of the cult film "People X", where he played one of the main roles. Such a disregard for his health caused concern for his wife, who advised her to consult a dermatologist about a strange wart on her nose.

According to the results of the examination, Hugh Jackman was diagnosed with skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma. This is one of the easiest types of skin cancer: in 90 cases out of 100, with the necessary treatment of patients, a victory over cancer awaits. Such a disease usually occurs on those parts of the skin that are most susceptible to sunlight.

Actor Hugh Jackman: skin cancer and his way to recovery

Upon learning of the terrible diagnosis, the man immediately turned to highly qualified specialists who helped Hugh cope with a serious ailment. Even greater support was rendered by his wife, who is older than the actor for 13 years. They together bring up two adopted children, so Hugh was always helped by his strong and friendly family.

For the fate of men also watched by millions of fans around the world. Soon Hugh gave an announcement in his instagram, to which he attached a photo with a recently operated nose. Under his photo, the actor left a comment - instruction, which advised people to immediately go to the hospital with the slightest ailment to prevent further difficulties.

Hugh Jackman: Cancer Returns

After two operations, the actor again took up his work. But, as it turned out, the cancer was insidious and was not going to retreat so simply. Soon it turned out that a relapse occurred and the cancer again declared itself. The paparazzi "caught" the actor when he was walking with his dog: on the actor's nose again was an adhesive plaster that testified about the operation. Later, journalists responded that Hugh behaved very strange: if before, when he saw the paparazzi, he was always smiling at them in a friendly manner and answered all their questions, then this time he quickly left, pulling on a baseball cap and wearing dark glasses.

Representatives of the star confirmed the fears of journalists: the cancer again attacked the sex symbol. At that time, the cancer attacked him a third time, and he was already undergoing a new course of treatment, after which he felt much better. To date, he is active on his page, where periodically there are news about the fight against a terrible disease.

The history of the actor can teach us a lot, for example, the fact that cancer can sneak up on any person, regardless of age, social status and financial wealth. Cope with the disease can be, if you determine it in the early stages and immediately begin treatment, as did Hugh Jackman himself. Cancer does not mean defeat, it's just a difficulty that a person must cope with.

The impact of the disease on the life of the actor

Of course, the news about cancer had a very big impact on the life of the actor. He had serious depression, but the support of his family and his beloved wife, with whom they had been married for 10 years, could help to defeat this terrible disease.

Despite the serious illness, the filming of the films continued, people did not cease to marvel at the way Hugh Jackman loves his career. Cancer is a terrible disease that was unable to "break" the spirit of the actor and prevent him from going to his childhood dream. During the treatment period, he continued to work, and thanks to this, new and interesting films with his participation appeared on the screens. For the past 3 years he has been struggling with this terrible disease, and let the type of cancer he has is very easy and treatable, he still worries about his health. Also, Hugh wrote on social networks, which does not exclude the possibility that he again will have to be on the operating table. But he tries not to lose heart, therefore he is completely ready for new relapses.

Until now, the news of the actor's illness has not lost its popularity. Anyone who finds out that he is trying to defeat Hugh Jackman skin cancer, photo actor really want to see. Already become a legendary selfie with a band-aid can be found in this article. Hugh also does not hesitate to write about cancer on his page, where he often gives advice to his fans so that they do not stay in the sun for a long time and always use sunscreen. Do not be afraid of this terrible disease. The story of Hollywood star Hugh Jackman teaches people not to give up and always fight for their lives. The main thing is people who are near and support it every day.

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