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How to write an essay "My hobbies"?

The writing "My hobbies" is asked to write, as a rule, to elementary school students. The topic is easy and for the development of oral and written speech is ideal. In addition, it is a great opportunity for the student to talk about himself.


Like any written work, the composition has its own structure. It must be observed. And everyone knows that this structure is three-part. That is, work consists of entry, content and conclusion. For pupils of primary classes this knowledge is quite enough. It's only then, in middle and high school, they learn about the epigraph, the topic, the author's thoughts, the quotations. All this later also appears in the works, which will already be more correct to call the essay. But there is still a three-part form.


How do I start an essay "My hobbies"? There can be many options - it is already at the student's discretion. But the main thing is that the topic should be marked in the introduction. You can write something like this: "Every person has what he likes to do. It can be painting, cooking, music, choreography. Someone reads, someone walks and admires nature. Everyone has a hobby. Me too". Thus, the student will sum up his thought to the beginning of its unfoldment. After reading such lines, it immediately becomes clear what further will be discussed. So, working on the introduction, it is worth considering this.

By the way, the volume of this part should not be large. The introduction of such work as the work "My hobbies" is usually short. Just a few phrases should be enough.

Main part

So, what to write about in the content of such a work as the composition "My hobbies"? Best of all, for what reason the student began to engage in a particular activity. It might look like this, for example: "I, too, have a favorite hobby. And this is music. My dad is a musician, and since childhood I've loved to look at his clarinet and always asked him to play it. And when I grew up, I realized that I would like to learn this myself. Yes, it is difficult, and sometimes I even regret that I went to study at a music school - not always everything works out. But then, when it is possible to achieve the result, I understand that I made the right choice. "

In this paragraph there is everything - the definition of your hobby, an explanation of why it was decided to get carried away with just this, as well as reasoning. The content, in principle, can be different - it is individual. Someone will write about the passion for dancing: "I always liked to watch the female ballerinas. I, seeing what beautiful movements they perform, firmly decided - I want to dance. This led to my choice, "while others - about classes in art school. In general, you can write about anything. Then it is an essay on the topic "My hobbies".


The last part of any work. So, what should be the last words of such a work as an essay on "My hobbies"? Dancing, music, art, reading, hiking - no matter what the student tells, it is important to make a good conclusion. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this. It is necessary to remember, the conclusion is a point to the whole text. So you can write something like this: "I believe that every person should have a hobby and a favorite thing. After all, it helps not only to relax and distract from the main activities. Many hobbies improve a person and help develop his abilities, talents. After all, how many cases are known, when people started to engage in this or that activity in childhood, and as a result it grew into their profession! So there were great football players, hockey players, choreographers, musicians, artists, writers, journalists. Therefore, do not confine yourself to everyday affairs. It is worth devoting yourself to something else, perhaps even more promising. "

That's basically it. Observing these recommendations, it will be possible to write a good composition.

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