How to strengthen the immunity of children?

Loving parents always take care of the health of their child. Modern specialists give many recommendations on how to strengthen the immunity of children. It should be borne in mind that the baby's body is at the stage of formation, therefore, medicines should be treated with extreme caution.

How to strengthen the immunity of children? In time we recognize the presence of a problem

Unfortunately, babies are much easier to resist the aggressive factors of the environment. If the body of an adult can cope with the developing infection on its own, the child needs additional protection and special care. To reduce the protective function contribute to daily stress, lack of adequate nutrition, unstable weather conditions, the presence of chronic diseases during periods of exacerbation and much more. Thinking about how to strengthen the immunity of children, you should first focus on such trivial things as moderate hardening, regular exercise, quality massage and healthy nutrition. In the autumn and winter it is necessary to ensure the supply of vitamins and useful macro-, microelements. It is better to buy special vitamin complexes, having consulted with a pediatrician beforehand. Responsibility to the shoulders of the mother lies down during pregnancy, since the development of the fetus directly depends on her nutrition. After birth, the child spends his mother's immunoglobulins for half a year, and replenishes the stock by breastfeeding, since breast milk contains a large number of these substances. That's why doctors recommend to feed the baby naturally as long as possible.

How to strengthen the immunity of children? Nutrition and hardening

Many parents, wishing well to their child, are assiduously taken for his recovery. Tempering begins most often in the third year of the child's life. For example, before going to bed it can be wiped off with a sponge soaked in cool water. For young children morning exercises can be an excellent developing game in the family circle, kids with pleasure repeat the movements for their parents. In a few years you can go to a light contrast shower. It is very important for the child to make a separate diet, the food should be balanced and include all the vitamins necessary for normal development. Every day should give the baby vegetables and fruits in fresh form, and fish and meat (low-fat varieties) it is desirable to cook for a couple. No less useful are dairy products, especially cottage cheese and milk.

How to strengthen immunity in front of the garden?

For experienced moms, it's no secret that kids often get sick in kindergarten. And this is not surprising, because one is to catch a cold disease, the others quickly become infected. Currently, funds are offered that strengthen immunity, in a huge range. However, for young people on the planet, immunomodulating drugs should be natural. Effective include echinacea ("Immunal") and interferon. It is worth remembering about the recipes of traditional medicine. You can prepare a mixture of raisins (one and a half glasses), almonds (0.5 tbsp.) And a glass of walnut kernels, add the juice of two lemons and half a glass of natural honey. Infuse the received mass for two days, then take a teaspoon three times a day.

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