How to sfotkatsya on a webcam on a laptop in various ways?

For unprepared users, the question "how to sfotkatsya on a webcam on a laptop" in most cases is insoluble. If you need to quickly get the image in this way, then you need to have a certain set of knowledge. The given material will be devoted to the solution of such a problem. If you need to take a picture urgently, and only an operating system with a standard set of software is available, then the simplest version will be offered. The quality of the resulting image will leave much to be desired. Slightly better situation in this regard in the case of using Skype. How to sfotkatsya on a webcam on a laptop? The best way is to use specialized software. And the quality is best, and there is the possibility of a serial shooting.

Means of OS

So, how to sfotkatsya on a webcam on a laptop? The easiest way to solve this task is with the OS. Everything is available and there is no need to look for software. For this we need a guide and a graphic editor "Paint". Press the "Win" key and, without releasing it, "E". The Explorer window opens. Here, in the section "Network location" there will be a section "WEB-camera". Double-clicking the left mouse button on it opens a window on which the image will be displayed. Then click "PrtScr". Launch the graphics editor - "Start" \ "Programs \" "Standard" \ "Paint." Then click on the "Paste" icon on the toolbar. The resulting picture is edited (cut off the edges) and saved.


The second way, how to sfotkatsya on a webcam on a laptop - using the program "Skype". Although this software product is intended for communication, wise developers in it have laid this possibility. First, start skype. Then go to the main menu item - "Tools". In it you need to find the "Settings". In the opened window in the right column select "Video settings" and click on it twice with the left button of the touchpad or manipulator. Next we find the button "Change avatar". It is under the picture from the webcam. We press on it too two times with the same button. A window will open, where you will click "Take a picture". Then open the save folder overview using the appropriate button. Next, the resulting image is moved to the desired location and saved. A slightly more complicated solution in comparison with the previous one. But the quality of the resulting image, as practice shows, will be much better.

Specialized programs

As an example, in order to sfotkatsya through a webcam, use "Webcam Plus!" Lite version. From the professional it differs slightly limited functionality, but the program is free. First, download it on the official website. Further we establish, carrying out step by step instructions of the master. Then it must be launched by double clicking the left mouse button on the corresponding desktop shortcut. Then, using the program menu, take pictures, and if necessary - save them.


Photo from laptop webcam Can be obtained in three ways. The best way to do this is with the help of special software. Then the quality is better, and there is an opportunity to make them serially. Minus - you need to install additional software and understand its interface. Slightly worse picture is obtained using Skype. But here it is necessary to tinker with the interface. The easiest way to get a photo using standard tools, but the image will be the worst.

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