Hotel "Lex" (Koktebel / Crimea): address, photo and reviews of tourists

SPA-hotel LEXX adheres to the concept of "ECO", which is clearly reflected both in its infrastructure, and in the quality and choice of services offered. At its construction, mainly natural materials were used, also wood is dominant in decoration and decoration. Spa hotel "Lex" (Koktebel) is characterized by extremely carefully ennobled territory, perfectly fitting into the natural Crimean landscape, and special pride is represented by large trees that were exported by seedlings from Italy. It is difficult to find a more suitable place for the development of ecological tourism. Here the cleanest zone of the peninsula, as well as the beaches, and the sea itself. There is a hotel at the address:. Koktebel, Armatluca, 2A.

Landscapes of Koktebel

Exclusive only for guests of the hotel "Lex" (Koktebel) are guided tours to the Kara-Dag reserve, closed to rest. This is one of the most picturesque places in the Crimea with a unique fauna and flora. One hundred twenty-five representatives of fauna are listed in the Red Book. On Kara-Dag you can see European roe deer, wild boar, black vulture, stone marten and many other animals. Guests visit the research biostation with a cognitive excursion. Especially the flora rejoices in these places. The hills are dressed in eight kinds of feather grass, as if covered with fur of some fairy-tale beast, on which a mass of flowers and relict trees.

The only volcano of the Jurassic period, which has been preserved almost entirely, is such a not so easy walk. Hotel "Lex" (Koktebel) gives such an opportunity to its visitors. This is an ideal place for hikers, for yoga, as "enlightened" is becoming more and they claim that Koktebel is full of "places of power". Tourists "Lex" (Koktebel) consider the most incredible place for the beauty of nature from all the most famous corners of the Crimea: amazing beauty of the bay, the slopes twined by the vine, the age-old pines. Not far from the hotel there is a factory of cognacs and vintage wines, shining with golden light in the sunset rays. And although it instills a healthy lifestyle for the guests, the hotel "Lex", "Koktebel" and "Golden Gate" refer to those drinks that you still have to try.

About the hotel

"Lex" (Koketebel) offers tourists one hundred and twenty rooms of a very worthy area - it will not be crowded with anyone. Each room is made in the same style, despite the difference in categories. The difference is how interesting is the view opening from the window, how many in this room number and what is their total area, but not in quality of service, convenience or quantity of services. Most of the single rooms are easily transformed into two-room (all designed and executed at the level of world hotel standards). All rooms are soundproofed and air-conditioned.

The room rate includes meals at a rate that is chosen by the visitor, children's animation, use of sun loungers, beach towels and three swimming pools. Also, Lex (Koktebel) provides free parking, a luggage service and an "alarm clock" in the form of a maid service in the mornings. Wireless Internet is also free. Rooms are equipped with either a terrace or a balcony. They are equipped with summer furniture, air conditioning, refrigerator, flat screen TV, bathroom, shower, a set of perfumes, bathrobes and slippers, lightproof curtains, hairdryer, safe, telephone. Beds are all with orthopedic mattresses, and you can always arrange extra beds.

With kids

What the hotel "Lex" in Koktebel offers for recreation with children, photos will show better than any words. But first not about the rest, but about the arrangement. At the request of the parents, a cot is provided free of charge, and additional meals, which are not included in the chosen tariff, for children under the age of twelve are provided at a discount of fifty percent of the basic cost. Up to five years old children live and eat free of charge, if the parents pay for the hotel "Lex" (Koktebel) according to the package, which is chosen for living in the main places. If the children under five are two or more, then an additional seat is paid.

Rest, which provides hotel "Lex" (Koktebel), reviews of tourists collects the most enthusiastic and very numerous. A unique microclimate promises sustainable health for children of any age. If the weather has not been set, there is a cozy playroom for guests, where their children can safely frolic: a huge number of toys that even parents are passionate about. There is a children's area in the pool with a depth of eighty centimeters, bathing is comfortable and safe. And in the open air right on its territory, the club-hotel "Lex" (Koktebel) has prepared for the kids a fascinating labyrinth, where preschoolers and junior schoolchildren can actively spend time in the game. Sunbathing children can not only by the sea, but also directly on the green lawn near the cottage.


In the main three-story building there are one-room standard equipment. Hotel "Lex" (Koktebel) reviews of grateful tourists even stopped collecting, so here it is nice and pleasant to have a rest. Kinds of windows at least on the territory of the hotel, even on a large pool, but on any infrastructure are beautiful and peaceful. Each room has a balcony and summer furniture, where it is so wonderful to spend evenings or enjoy the sunrises with a cup of coffee. The area of the rooms here is twenty-three square meters - spacious, plus a balcony. Extra bed is provided in the form of a comfortable chair-bed with a bed.

Holiday in cottages is even more prestigious and comfortable, the level of accommodation is very high. These places are preferred by people who are prone to seclusion, and they all meet in the hotel in the hotel "Lex" (Koktebel). Reviews about the cottages are full of gratitude for the responsiveness of the staff and the various amenities created by the guests. Each room of a two-storeyed cottage is designed for two main and one additional space. There is a terrace for morning and evening tea drinking. Cottages stand on both sides of the mall in a row, but they are perpendicular to the pool. Such a chamber design of the hotel territory allows residents of all rooms without exception to be within walking distance of the rest of the infrastructure. The suites on the first floors of the cottages are huge - an area of forty-five square meters.


Where else is there such a "right" like "Lex", the hotel? Koktebel (Crimea) products on the table of holidaymakers delivers only local, only seasonal, only natural. And the quality of supplies is carefully monitored. According to the "buffet" system, three meals a day is so varied that even small creations always find something tasty and useful for themselves - the assortment is huge, changing daily.

Both children and parents are fed quickly, deliciously, diversely, on time - this is what tourists love here. Nothing restrains Koktebel rest. "Lex" for this reason has a lot of regulars, people return many times here, some many times in a row spend here two summer weeks, and even a whole month. And the parents never ask the parents what to feed the child today.

Children's animation (free of charge)

A team of professional animators creates a daily holiday atmosphere for the children. They hold master classes, developing games, an active recreation club. Children under five years of age adore kind and beautiful animals - ponies and horses, they try to ride on them, and the sea voyages on the ship are remembered by the little pirates and the abducted charming princesses for the rest of their lives.

At school, cooks will find in themselves the talents of a confectioner or pizza-yolo, there are constantly held children's discos with competitions and incendiary music. Joint programs with parents for improving the body are popular. These are whole rituals, helping to relax beautifully and fun with the whole family. Young ladies are delighted with joint beauty rituals at the spa with mom, after which they feel great, and time is fun, fun and useful.

For adults

How to explain that "Lex" is a club? Koktebel has a variety of hotels, but such a thoughtful program of recreation is not everywhere. In this hotel there is an active recreation club, and it's horseback riding along Koktebel, its most beautiful places, these are the exits to the sea under real scarlet sails, as in a favorite fairy tale, and the most adventurous and adrenaline lovers ride mountain bikes and paragliders And gliders.

From seven in the morning until eleven in the evening, you can relax in the pool. Nearby - the bar, the summer playground of the restaurant, from which exclusively atmospheric music flows. A separate zone of hydromassage is especially popular with vacationers, because there you can really relax and recharge your energy. The decision to open this unique club-hotel "Lex" (Koktebel) here came to the creators not by chance. Immediately three climatic zones intersect at this point - mountain, steppe and sea, so the most different types of outdoor activities can be combined during one vacation. Here they do not just give time to their hobbies, they get new ones here. Professionals in the process of mastering beginners supervise and instruct, and also support and held athletes.

Earth, sky and seabed

This region seems to have been created especially for all kinds of outdoor activities. On quad bikes to ride - one continuous pleasure: fields and mountains, wet valleys and dry steppe, ravines and forests. Impressions unforgettable! Routes are made up of any complexity and range - depending on the experience. You can come with your ATVs, here they will be taken care of. There is a parking lot and a maintenance workshop.

A special place in the club-hotel is, of course, aeronautics. Koktebel - the cradle of gliding (remember, at least Sergei Korolev, who here is part of the quest for heaven, it was here that the teachings of all the first pilots were held). The famous mountain Klementyev - in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, which allows you to closely engage in hang gliding and paragliding with the visiting guests - beginners and experienced people.

Also popular are the flights in a hot air balloon. For the bravest - parachute jumping, there are instructors for this. And how rich and interesting is the underwater world of the Black Sea! This is especially true of Koktebel and Koktebel Bay. Divers here are trained from scratch, and already advanced immersed with the instructor and without it.

Bicycles and motorcycles, boats and yachts

A bicycle is no longer just a sport, it's a lifestyle. In Crimea, the conditions for cycling tours, we can say, are ideal. The mountainous terrain is of different levels, which is suitable for all kinds of training, plus incredible landscapes. This also applies to motorsport. Guests arriving with their motorcycles and bicycles get parking spaces. Those who come light, will also take here any unit for rent.

The places of inaccessible reserved bays (this region of the Crimea) is a space and delight for all types of yachting. Here, in the club of active rest, you can rent any boat to see the Crimean beauty from the sea. Holidaymakers with their own small boats and other water vehicles can place them with the help of the hotel. In the structure of the hotel "Lex" there is a large service center "Yurkaffa" for water-motor equipment. They will be happy to help in the service.

Fishing and traveling in the saddle

Fishing for many people is an integral part of life. In the active recreation club of the hotel there are professionals who know exactly where the fish are. For those who wish, an unforgettable pastime is organized - both for the company and individual. Prompt and give advice, help select a place that will necessarily go to the benefit, and the catch will be good.

Who would not want to ride on the charming corners of the Crimea on horseback? Many local beauties are almost inaccessible to basic means of transportation. Such amazing animals, like well-trained horses, will help tourists reach these places. Instructors before the trip in detail instructed those wishing to travel in the saddle, calculate the route, provide the necessary for the trip.


The choice of excursions is truly huge, because there are so many famous historical and natural places in the Crimea that you do not want to visit during your holiday. About Kara-Dag was mentioned above, and it's close, in walking distance. Unique sightseeing facilities are the palaces of the Southern Coast of Crimea (Vorontsovsky, Massandrovsky, Livadia), the Khan's Palace of Bakhchisaray, the Red and Marble caves, unique parks - Paradise, Nikitsky, Chersonese reserve, museums of Aivazovsky, Chekhov, Green, beautiful Voloshinsky Poet's House (right in Koktebel!), It is impossible even to enumerate everything. Hotel "Lex" organizes any excursion in the peninsula. In addition, near the hotel there is a dolphinarium, water park, diving center. In Koktebel there are various festivals, exhibitions, concerts, creative evenings and similar events. Boring will not be!

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