Sheregesh Hotels: overview, description, prices, photos and reviews of tourists

Sheregesh is one of the most famous ski resorts not only in our country, but also beyond. Hotels in Sheregesh will provide you and your family a cozy and comfortable holiday. Clean mountain air and active entertainment will make your holiday unforgettable. A high level of service and helpful staff will please you pleasantly, and the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of nature will complement the already positive impressions.

Weather in Sheregesh

It is very important for holidaymakers who plan to visit the resort, to know what kind of climate awaits them at their destination. As for Sheregesh's climate, it is brightly continental here, but mountain ranges protect the area from strong winds and frosts. Even when the thermometer shows twenty degrees of frost, it is very comfortable to be here. For most of the year the snow covers the ground, beginning in November and ending with May. The peculiarity of snow is that it is very fluffy and soft. Most of the tourists go to the resort in winter.

Variety of entertainment

The main treasure of the resort are ski runs. There are a lot of them here with different levels of complexity. Beginners choose more simple routes, and professionals are not afraid to drive through the most difficult descents. Sometimes skiers like to ride on untouched snow.

In addition to the trails, the resort provides a huge number of entertainment for every taste:

  • Night bars, clubs and restaurants;
  • Possibility to play billiards, bowling;
  • A variety of saunas and baths;
  • Educational schools for lovers of skiing;
  • A large selection of shops;
  • Rent of different sports equipment;
  • Children's clubs, where they will look after their children while their parents are busy;
  • The organization of excursions to the nearest picturesque mountain places;
  • horseback riding;
  • A helicopter ride and much more.

Holidays at the resort in summer

Not only in winter people come to this wonderful resort. Hotels in Sheregesha in summer provide discounts on accommodation, and this attracts people with moderate incomes here. As for entertainment, in the summer they are no less than in the winter. The only difference is that the snow is created artificially. In the rest, the summer Sheregesh is not inferior to the winter one. The weather here is warm and comfortable in summer. In addition to the usual skiing and snowmobile trips, guests are offered to take different types of outdoor activities:

  • Paragliding;
  • Freeride;
  • Jumping from the cliff;
  • Riding on a mountain river.

Accommodation prices and guest reviews

Lighting hotels in Sheregesh, whose prices are very different from each other, you need to consider the preferences of tourists. From the class of the hotel and the level of service depends on the cost of living in it. You can find the number at 400 rubles. Per day per person, or you can rent a cottage for 30 thousand rubles. per day.

The main thing is that each person can choose the kind of accommodation that he can afford. Studying the features of the resort Sheregesh, hotels, reviews of holidaymakers, you can say with confidence that whatever hotel you choose, you everywhere meet the kind attitude of the staff, the responsible work of the administration, the high level of service and the willingness to help and solve the problem. We will present you several resort hotels. In order for you to have an idea of the different classes of hotels and the level of service of the Sheregesh resort. Hotels on the mountain or at its foot - this is just the option that most often choose vacationers. All the hotels that are described here are located on the slope of Mount Zielona. The village of Sheregesh is also very near.

Hotel "Gubernskaya" (Sheregesh)

Great not only for couples, romantic vacations, but also for a large family. The cost of living varies: from 4700 rubles. Up to 15000 rubles. Depending on the category of room, type of season and number of people living in the room. Guests of the hotel can enjoy the comfort and comfort of a pleasant interior, go to the sauna, visit the swimming pool or Turkish bath. In the hotel restaurant you can taste delicious dishes prepared by a professional chef. For children, a special menu has been developed that perfectly combines useful and nutritious foods. Like any Sheregesh hotels, "Gubernskaya" offers a variety of room categories:

  • Two rooms of the "standard" category;
  • Eight rooms of the "junior suite" category;
  • Ten rooms of the "luxury" category;
  • Separate apartments.

All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator and a minibar, guests can use the Internet, TV and telephone. The bathrooms have everything you need for a bath. The rooms vary in size, in furniture, in the number of rooms and in the view from the window. The price includes breakfast, which can be ordered in the room. Feedback from guests who visited this hotel, convince us that the level of service in it is quite high. The staff is well trained and seeks help in solving any problem. The design of rooms pleasantly pleases the eye.

Hotel "Ice" (Sheregesh)

Excellent for young people who prefer active rest and do not intend to pay huge amounts of money for living. Moderate comfort and a lot of entertainment - this is what attracts these tourists in the first place. Like all Sheregesh hotels, "Ice" has rooms of different categories:

  • Two suites;
  • Five numbers of the category "standard";
  • Four six-bed rooms of the "economy" category;
  • Fourteen four-bed rooms of the category "economy".

All rooms have separate bathrooms, in which there is a toilet, a shower and a washbasin. In the rooms there are beds: double and single, table and chairs, storage cupboard. In addition, in the categories "standard" and "luxury" there is soft furniture and a TV. There is free internet.

The hotel is famous for its parties in the nightclub "Ice Bunker", in which DJs from different cities of Russia constantly perform. Near the hotel there are trails for skiing. Those who came by car can park the car for free parking.

The cost of living in the hotel "Ice" ranges from 400 rubles. Up to 6000 rubles. Such a run-up of prices depends on the class of the room, the time of rest and the days of the week that you plan to spend at the hotel.

Reviews of young couples after a rest here, tell us that you will not regret if you choose "Ice". Moderate prices and a variety of leisure activities are what everyone who lived in this wonderful hotel in Sheregesh received.

The Golden Palace Hotel (Sheregesh)

Describing Sheregesh hotels, one can not ignore such a luxurious hotel as the Golden Palace, or the Golden Palace. The entire complex of the hotel consists of two houses of elite class. The houses are built of environmentally friendly wood varieties. Individual design and a special interior of the rooms will make you feel comfortable and cozy. Each house has four double rooms, a kitchen and a sitting area. Each bedroom has a separate bathroom, which has a shower and toilet. Means of hygiene are presented in a wide range for all living in the house. Bedrooms are located on the 2 nd and 3 rd floors. On the 1st floor there is a kitchen and a living room. Soft comfortable furniture will help you relax and enjoy watching TV or playing a game console. The kitchen in the houses is equipped with all the modern equipment that is necessary for cooking. The dishes are designed for the maximum number of people - 12 people. For families with children in the house there is a children's play area.

The cost of accommodation in the hotel starts from 30 thousand rubles. And ends with 55 thousand rubles. It depends on the time of your stay and the type of season. The most expensive time is New Year's holidays. The price includes parking lot, sauna, swimming pools, use of sports equipment, barbecue, gazebo. For an additional fee, you can order food in the room, use the laundry and delivery of guests from home and home. Guest reviews of the Golden Peles show how chic this place is and how comfortable it is to spend a vacation or a weekend at the resort.

To go or not: the choice is yours

Planning a vacation, each person decides how to spend it and how much he intends to spend. Absolutely without money, of course, it is not possible to rest comfortably. But visiting Sheregesh resort, you have the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty of the mountain landscape, breathe the fresh mountain air, have fun with family or friends and at the same time choose the place of residence that is right for you.

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