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How to set up Yandex and its services

Today we will discuss how to set up Yandex and its individual services so that the work will be most fruitful. Speaking of mail, the system is capable of removing spam for you or ignoring correspondence from addresses on a special blacklist. Of course, all this is done only with the approval of the user. Also, the service can collect all the letters from your other accounts and put them in one.

Long-awaited lines

Let's start with the question of what is Yandex-Mail, how to set up its functions and work with it most comfortably. So, we're logging into the account. In the upper right corner select the "Settings" menu. A new window will show a set of special modes. Select the "Security" section. This item requires increased attention. At least once every 3 months, you must always change your password from the mail account. If there is an increased threat of hacking, we recommend that you enable a secure connection. Let's review the log that marks visits: this will allow you to notice the unauthorized penetration of uninvited guests into your account.

All in one place

Next, we will discuss how to configure "Yandex" to collect mail from other addresses. We leave in the main window. Open the mode, which is responsible for collecting mail. We enter in certain fields data from other services from which you need to transfer correspondence. Supports work with any mailboxes. We will also inform you how to set up Yandex so that the recipients of your messages can immediately understand who they are from. We pass to the section on which the functions of storing information about the sender are assigned, we indicate the name, signature, and also, if desired, a portrait. The given data will always be available to the recipient of letters for viewing.


To customize the labels and folders, go to the appropriate section. Here, if necessary, we quickly edit the contents and names of the catalogs. Finally, we'll talk about how to set up Yandex so that you do not receive junk mail. The section we need is called "Mail Processing Rules". There you should specify the addresses from which letters should not be received. Also in this menu you can specify how the service should work with incoming mail. As for the "Contacts" section, you can switch off the contact memory mode if necessary.


Let's discuss how to set up a Yandex page with mail to make it as attractive as possible. Now go to the section "Selecting the design." Point out any vending subject. Thanks to the "Subscriptions" section, you can read RSS from selected blogs and sites directly in the mailbox. The "Mail programs" item allows you to set the operation of the IMAP and POP3 protocols. Section "Chat" allows you to configure the settings for correspondence in various services of "Yandex". Here you can clear the history of communication. In "Other Parameters" you can set the modes of sending and editing letters, as well as the order of their display. At the bottom of the main window, you can set the "Time zone" and "Mail language".

Yandex-Direct: how to set up and work with the service

This is one of the most common projects in the field of contextual advertising. Now we will tell in detail what is Yandex-Direct, how to set it up and if you want to place your own ad. The interface for displaying advertising information is integrated into partner resources and search engine pages. This is an effective tool to attract users to your site. To submit your ad, you need to go to the official resource page. Click on the function "Post ad". In a new window we specify the data for authorization on "Yandex". Click "Sign In". We specify our country. Click "Next". An interface will appear, through which you can add a new ad. However, it should also be configured. Specify the region to show the ad. We enter the title of the advertisement and its main text. We enter the address of the website on which the proposed service is described in detail. You can also call the contact phone number and address of the company. To do this, check the corresponding section. Enter the key phrases. Choose the strategy for demonstrating ads. You can also specify the hours in which the information will be displayed. The basic setting is completed. Now watch the mail box, as all information about changes in the advertising company will come there. Follow the instructions of the system. Now you know how to submit an ad to Yandex-Direct, how to set it up and lead an advertising company.


Next, we'll talk about how to work with a branded application to view sites and personalize it. Let's discuss how to set up Yandex (the browser) in such a way that its home page changes. In order to choose the preferred option, we press the main button on the panel. At the next stage, go to the item "Settings", and then - to the function "Where to start." However, remember that the browser does not allow you to choose as the main random site. Remember that the main page can be opened by pressing Alt + Home. You can specify the location for downloaded files as follows. Press the main button, select "Settings", then move on to the additional buttons and open the "Downloads". Use the "Edit" function to specify the path to save the materials. If you want the browser to ask the user where to put the files each time, you should activate the appropriate option. From now on, you know how to set up Yandex (the browser), as well as the key services of the system.

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