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How to write an essay "Youth is Time for Learning Wisdom"

The whole life of a person can be conditionally divided into several stages. The most common are childhood, youth, maturity and advanced age. As a child, a person gets knowledge, learns to be a part of society. Maturity is the time for the unfolding of human potential, and the advanced age is the period when the accumulated experience is transferred. In his youth, many opportunities open before him. This is a wonderful time in a person's life. All roads in front of him are open, and the future seems beautiful and inviting. Why is it so important to accumulate experience at a young age?

Who should ask for help in writing?

Students who receive as an homework the essay "Youth is Time for Learning Wisdom" are most often consulted with parents or teachers about writing this work. After all, at a young age it is impossible to look back, to look at the path that has been traveled since the height of the lived years. It is the representatives of the older generation who can help with the advice, suggest which of the theses can be used in this work.

Difficulties of a young age

Of course, every student who writes the essay "Youth is Time for Learning Wisdom" already knows: at a young age people often make mistakes due to inexperience. A person does not yet know how to behave in this or that situation and what consequences certain actions may result in. It is difficult for him to compare his own opinion, the demands of others and their ideas on a particular issue, as well as objective factors. That is why in youth so often "stuffed with cones". Without this, it is impossible to gain experience.

Mistakes are not a sin

But sometimes it happens that a person takes wrong steps simply because of the lack of information. He does not know what his actions will lead to and what will follow the adoption of this or that decision. Of course, this will not absolve him from responsibility for his actions. However, after that, the person will know that, having made a certain mistake, you can seriously pay for it. And the lack of information is in no way an excuse. The essay "Youth is Time for Learning Wisdom" will help students understand more deeply those situations in which one can make a mistake for lack of necessary knowledge. This task is a kind of psychological research. Thanks to the work on writing, students have the opportunity to reconsider the role of older people, having acquired experience, it is always possible to avoid many mistakes.

What else to mention in the essay "Youth is Time for Learning Wisdom"?

However, the ability to make the right decisions can be purchased in a more simple way. After all, avoiding a lot of mistakes is quite possible if you take advantage of the experience of other people. Students who write the essay "Youth is Time for Learning Wisdom" can take advantage of this thesis. The older generation is always happy to share their experiences with young people. And society needs not only young and successful people, but also old people who have behind their backs the baggage of life experience.

Importance of support

People are not born immediately adults. First the baby needs food and parental warmth to survive and grow further. Schoolchildren need to acquire knowledge, as well as communication skills with their own kind. Entering the path of adulthood, a person faces many difficulties. It would seem that all the ways are open before him, he stands at the beginning of a long journey. However, there are a large number of young people in the world who are in a state of depression and despair: they do not have enough experience to cope with all the challenges that life throws at them. While working on the essay "Youth is Time for Learning Wisdom," it will be useful to mention how an elderly mentor can play an invaluable role in the life of a young man. He can give advice on how to act in a given situation, comfort: "Do not be afraid, because I went through it. So, you will succeed. "

After all, if a young man begins his life as if with a clean slate, the elderly has already accumulated experience - he collected the fruits of his labor. Not always old age is the crown of life, however, if an elderly man or woman has passed a worthy path, meeting them for a young man can mean a lot.

Of course, not all young people can easily communicate with the elderly. This can be hampered by negative attitudes and wrong expectations on one side or the other. However, if such communication does take place, it brings invaluable benefits to both young men and the elders.

Draw conclusions

So, the main arguments for the essay "Youth - Time for Learning Wisdom" can be the following. First, at a young age, a person does not have enough experience to make the right decisions. Secondly, he can learn from his mistakes, and they are not an absolute evil, because with their help knowledge accumulates. Thirdly, the lack of information about the world around us can be very painful in our youth and lead to erroneous actions. And, finally, fourthly, precious experience can be obtained from the most reliable source - from older people. In the essay "Youth is Time for Learning Wisdom", examples and arguments for each student can be their own. They can also be taken from literary sources. For example, such an example can serve as the protagonist of Goethe's poem "The Suffering of a Young Werther".

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