How to pull a light bulb out of your mouth at home?

In life there are cases when you first do, and then you are already thinking about the consequences. It is difficult to imagine a more impressive tragicomedy than a man sitting with an electric lamp in his mouth. Many people know that you can put anything into your mouth. But in order to remove the object from there, certain difficulties may arise. Necessarily there will be good fellows who want to dispel this myth and to show by their own example how to pull a light bulb out of the mouth. Whatever it was, such a trick to the good will not bring, so do not do this.

There are three categories of citizens who may find themselves in such a stupid and not too pleasant situation: teenagers, over-confident or drunk people. The first do it to show their bravado, getting on the hook called "weak." The second do the trick in the belief that nothing will happen to them of course, but what drives the drunken people - and it's not clear at all, they can come to anything. In any case, it is necessary to quickly decide how to pull the bulb out of the mouth, because it can not go out on its own.

First of all, you should recommend seeking medical help. Surgeons have a special tool in the case of such incidents. It is difficult to pull the light bulb out of the mouth because it has a streamlined shape of the pear, and if it enters perfectly, then the teeth get out of her mouth. In addition, the chewing muscles are initially relaxed, but as soon as the object is inside, the jaw closes, it is hard to relax independently. The doctor will make a special injection and pull out the bulb without consequences - the procedure is not painful, but unpleasant.

If for any reason you can not apply for medical help, then you have to look for a way to get the bulb out of your mouth with the help of improvised tools. To do this, you need a handkerchief, laces, a screwdriver, and also a little skill and luck. A piece of cloth should be folded with an accordion and tied with laces at the ends . Then shawl gently in your mouth. It will not be easy, because there are so few places, so also the language hinders. It is necessary to show only a little patience - and now the fabric is behind the lamp.

To painlessly pull a light bulb out of the mouth, you should spread the handkerchief - this is done with the help of pre-tied shoelaces. Then the strings can be removed, and the cloth can be unfolded in such a way that it completely wraps the object. Light the bulb with a screwdriver or any other similar tool. The shards are in a scarf, so they do not have to cut the tongue. After that, the light bulb can be safely pulled out.

However, if you do everything yourself, then there is a danger of dislocating the lower jaw with careless movements, which will undoubtedly lead to the need to visit a doctor. Of course, it is best not to seek an answer to the question of how to pull a light bulb out of your mouth. It just does not have to be shoved there. Repeating the focus is not worth it, because it's not always possible to get out unscathed from such a delicate situation. Recommendations for the elimination of light bulbs are only for use in critical situations.

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