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How to prepare a salad "Delusion" from vegetables and fish?

According to the set of products the salad "Delusion" is quite similar to the traditional Russian dish called "Herring under a fur coat". However, the way of forming such a culinary creation is somewhat different. It should also be noted that the presented salad also includes ingredients such as hard cheese and chives.

Salad "Delusion" with layers: a recipe for step by step cooking

To prepare such a festive dish, you need to buy a few simple and inexpensive products. If you have your own vegetable garden, on which you grow potatoes, beets, onions and carrots every year, the Salat "Delusion" will cost you even less. After all, it consists of vegetables. But first things first.

Required ingredients

To prepare this festive dish you will need to purchase:

  • Potatoes are not large - 3 pcs .;
  • Onion purple sweet - 1 head large;
  • Mayonnaise of high fat content - a few full spoons;
  • Carrots large fresh - 1 piece;
  • Pepper ground black - to taste;
  • Average beet - 3 pcs .;
  • Salted herring - 1 large fish;
  • Salt cooked - at will (for boiling vegetables);
  • Cheese grade "Gouda" - 75 g;
  • Fresh garlic - 1 large tooth;
  • Arrows of green onions - to decorate the ready dish;
  • Cranberries are fresh - for decoration.

Processing of main components

Salad "Delusion", the recipe of which we are considering, you should begin to prepare with processing salted fish. After all, it is this product that gives the whole dish a special flavor and aroma. First the salted herring needs to be washed, take out all the insides, and then cleanse of the skin, bones, head and fins. The remaining fillets should be finely chopped and put aside.

After the fish has been properly processed, it is necessary to start boiling the vegetables. To do this, it is required to wash the beets, carrots and potatoes well. Then they should be placed in boiling salted water directly in the skin and cook until completely soft. In this case, it is desirable to take out potatoes after 25 minutes, carrots - after 40 minutes, and beets at the very last turn (after 50 minutes, if it is not large).

Also salad "Delusion" requires the use of purple sweet onions, which must be finely chopped, garlic (grate on a fine grater) and hard cheese "Gouda". Milk product is recommended to cut into small cubes.

When all the vegetables are cooked, they should be cooled and chopped: carrots are similar to cheese, and beets and potatoes with a large grater.

Preparation of the main products before the formation of the dish

Salad "Delusion" layers it is desirable to form with a special metal ring. It must be placed on a large flat plate (in the ring we will later alternately lay out all the products). However, before that you should combine on a separate plate chopped cheese and boiled carrots, sprinkle them with several spoons of fatty mayonnaise and mix. In addition, it is required to separately mix grated chives and beets, as well as potatoes and black ground pepper. By the way, these components should be similarly flavored with high-fat mayonnaise.

Salad dressing process

As mentioned above, this dish should be created with a special molding ring. First of all, boiled potatoes mixed with pepper and mayonnaise should be placed in it. Further it is required to lay out finely chopped onions, salted herring and beets with garlic. All these products should be well compacted so that there is little room for another layer at the top of the metal ring. Thus, as a final step, it is necessary to lay out a mixture of boiled carrots and hard cheese "Gouda".

After all the components are placed in the mold, it must be carefully pulled out without harming the dish. Next, a beautifully decorated salad "Delusion" is recommended for a couple of hours to put in the fridge. There it will take a more stable form, as well as it will be well saturated with fat mayonnaise. This will make the dish especially tasty, delicate and fragrant.

How to serve on a festive table?

As you can see, the salad is prepared quickly and easily, and most importantly - it does not require the use of expensive products. After the dish is well cooled, it is recommended to decorate it with leaves or twigs of greenery, fresh cranberry and put on a festive table. But do it preferably before serving the main hot lunch. Bon Appetit!

Useful information for the hostesses

Salad under the interesting name "Delusion" can be formed not only on a common large plate, but also serve it as a serving dish. However, this requires a small glass kremankochki, the number of which should fully correspond to the number of invited guests. It should be specially noted that with this portioning, the dish will turn out even more beautiful and original.

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