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How to make a portfolio of an elementary school pupil with your own hands

In 2006, the Ministry of Education proposed an interesting innovation. Now every student should have his own portfolio. It contains all the information about him, works, assessments, feedback from teachers and other information. However, many parents of junior schoolchildren have no idea how to formalize the portfolio of a primary school student. About this and talk in the article.

What is a portfolio?

At a considerable quantity of people the given word causes bewilderment. Therefore, parents, when they hear about the need to make a portfolio for their first-year student, do not even know where to start.

Such an object looks like a book or a folder with files. Some schools organize the purchase of albums with ready-made templates, in which each student only enters the necessary data. However, psychologists criticize such measures of the management of educational institutions. It is better to make a portfolio of a primary school student together with a child. This will help him show his creative talents and independently analyze his own achievements.

How to apply for a portfolio of an elementary school student

Prepare the following:

  1. White sheets of A4 paper.
  2. Many transparent files.
  3. Folder with file holder.
  4. Pencils, paints, markers.
  5. Colored paper.
  6. Stickers, dried flowers or other decor.

Remember that you make out an album for the baby, so it should be as colorful as possible. It is better to involve the child in the process of drawing up a portfolio. The drawings of your child can become both an adornment for the pages, and a separate section. Also the first-grader will be interested in decorating his first serious work with stickers, ribbons, bows and appliqués. Before you draw up a portfolio of an elementary school student, check out his approximate content.

What does the student's portfolio include?

On the first page there is always a picture of the student and his full data: name, first name and patronymic, date of birth. You can also specify the name of the institution, its number and class.

Then follows the section illustrating the personal life of the student. Here you can give any information about yourself, your family and friends. In most cases, students prefer to write about their name, its meaning and origin, about their own dreams and plans. Place also photos of the family with brief information about all its members. If there is deeper information, then you can represent the family tree.

Portfolio for the pupil of primary classes should contain the section devoted to study. It is appropriate to specify the list of teachers and subjects, schedule of lessons and other organizational information. The following is the pupil's graduation certificate, his best test papers, compositions, dictations and independent works. In this section, you can ask teachers to leave feedback on your child. The student himself can write his own opinion about the teachers.

The third section is conditionally referred to as "Public life". If the child participated in school concerts, performances, rulers, then it should be noted this in the portfolio. In this case, the text is better to dilute the photos. Also here you can include visits to the class of performances, films, hikes and picnics. The student will be interested in many years to consider the photos and read their own opinions about the events.

At the request of parents or the student himself, you can include any additional sections in the album. If you do not know how to formalize the portfolio of an elementary school student, then consult the management. Each educational institution can have its own rules and standards.

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