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The subconscious mind is ... The subconscious in psychology

Probably, every person has heard about the existence of the subconscious, but not everyone can explain what it is. In fact, these completely unexplored mental processes in our brain have a huge impact on people's lives. What is the subconscious mind? Can I learn to control it? Is it really possible to influence the subconscious of another person?

The concept and essence of the subconscious

The subconscious mind is a special mental process that takes place in the human brain, not controlled and not controlled by our consciousness. It is with him associated causeless fears, insecurities, intuition. Our subconscious always tries to protect the person, help to cope with problems and protect from danger. Even those actions of people, which, it would seem, can not be explained, actually make sense.

Many scientists believe that most of our actions, habits, preferences are conditioned by the subconscious. It accumulates all information about a person's life, emotions and experiences are imprinted. What people do not remember is safely stored in their subconscious and can manifest themselves at certain moments.

Relationship of consciousness and subconsciousness

Based on the definitions of consciousness and subconsciousness, you might think that these are completely opposite and not related to each other concepts. However, this is not so, and they can not exist without each other. With the help of consciousness, people control and comprehend all their actions and actions. The subconscious mind is processes, on the contrary, that are not amenable to human control. Only by working together they perform all the necessary functions of our psyche.

Our thoughts are material. All that a person thinks about, in other words, everything that we realize, is postponed at a subconscious level. Thus, we are, as it were, setting ourselves up for further action. If a person says that he will never get a job for prestigious work, our subconscious will do everything to prevent this from happening. It turns out that the consciousness of a person controls the subconscious mind, which, in turn, sends signals to our brain and encourages the execution of uncontrollable and incomprehensible actions and actions.

Features of the subconscious

Our subconscious mind is a huge database, in which everything that happened to a person throughout his life is stored. It captures every minute and second from our past, and not just the events that take place, but also the thoughts, emotions, feelings that we experienced at that moment. The subconscious is well aware of the roots and causes of our problems, the cause-and-effect relationships of everything that happened in a person's life.

Another feature of the subconscious is that it works around the clock, without any interruptions. It is constantly engaged in processing information regardless of whether a person sleeps or is awake.

The subconscious forms the character of a person, his habits, attitudes, views on life. People perceive the same events that happen to them, in different ways precisely because of the characteristics of the subconscious. Therefore, to become a happy person, you need to change first and foremost your inner world.

The role of the subconscious in human life

Some people believe that all actions performed by them are under the control of the mind. However, in fact, the human subconscious is that which completely manages our life. At the same time, his goals may radically differ from our own. For example, if a person constantly thinks about what he is afraid of, these thoughts are postponed at a subconscious level. As a result, fears can materialize, although we, on the contrary, would not want this to happen. Thus, most of our diseases and failures are due to improper attitudes at the subconscious level. To become a happy person, you need to learn how to think properly.

The subconscious mind is a huge storehouse of data and all the information we have accumulated throughout life. Even the events of early childhood can be reproduced with maximum accuracy in a state of hypnosis. The ability to remember absolutely everything and to keep this in itself for an unlimited time is one of the main functions of the subconscious.

The huge role of the subconscious in maintaining our peace of mind. Man, as a rule, leaving the comfort zone, begins to experience unpleasant sensations. Thus, our subconscious mind tries to protect us from the unpleasant consequences of ill-considered and risky actions.

Sleep and the subconscious

Some people claim that they dream something very rarely. In fact, this is not so. Every person dreams every night. However, not everyone can remember them, reproduce them and correctly understand them.

Is it true that a dream is a person's subconscious? Most likely, this is one way of connecting the inner world with people. Through a dream, our subconscious mind sends out some signals that, when properly interpreted, help to cope with a variety of problems and avoid serious mistakes.

Very often you can hear stories about how a person did not get on a plane, because he dreamed that he would break, and thereby saved his life. Or, after seeing an alarming dream, someone refused to change jobs, and as a result, the company, in which he wanted to settle, went bankrupt after a couple of months. Almost every person can give examples of how, having listened to his inner voice, he escaped serious problems.

Dreams help people understand themselves. They show through hidden symbols, where we are right, and where it is necessary to change our strategy and tactics. Often the cause of nightmares, tormenting people, there can be real worries and doubts. After a person understands with them in reality, such dreams cease to torment people. The main thing is to correctly and in time manage to understand what exactly the subconscious wants to convey to us.

How to control the human subconscious?

Different methods of controlling the subconscious of people are used in all kinds of spheres of our life. This includes advertising, network marketing, news and much more.

The subconscious in psychology can be influenced by various methods. The most common is multiple repetition. It is most often used in advertising. At the same time, after viewing the video with this or that commodity several times, when you come to the store, a person believes that he has consciously made his choice. In fact, information about what to buy is postponed at the subconscious level.

In network marketing, there is an impact on the human subconscious by producing a great impression. So, for example, people who dream of traveling, talk about such opportunities in their company. Having made a powerful effect on the subconscious, then a person can be induced to other actions, for example, to buy things he does not need for a large amount.

There are other ways to influence the human subconscious. This and the so-called 25 frame, in which information is unobtrusively presented to people, and all sorts of techniques for "turning off consciousness."

Methods of influence

To change your life for the better, first you need to start working with the subconscious. Thoughts influence our inner world. That is why, in order to postpone as much positive as possible on the subconscious level, one should try to give oneself positive guidelines.

Do not focus on failures and constantly think about the bad. There are so-called techniques of "positive thinking", in which it is necessary to search for something good in each event that occurred. All thoughts influence the human subconscious, which is why autosuggestion can radically change our inner world.

It is very important to clearly understand your goals and objectives. It is important to try to avoid "no" particles in the formulations, because the thoughts built with it are perceived by the subconscious in the reverse order.

Excellent helps writing their desires on paper and their constant repetition, for example, before going to bed. Thus, in our subconscious mind the necessary information is fixed, and it will try to help us to fulfill our dream with all our might.

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