Why the laptop does not turn on: the main reasons for the failure

Today, about a third of the world's population has any kind of computer equipment. However, many do not know what to do when their "hardware" is out of order.

Why the laptop does not turn on: the main reasons for the failure

Before the user starts working on the laptop, the laptop performs a number of loading operations: turning on, initializing the system, displaying the image on the screen, loading the operating platform.

And at each stage there may be a breakdown. Why not turn on the laptop, determine yourself is quite difficult.

Many users like to use the phrase: "The laptop does not turn on at all". What is behind these words? Maybe it says that the laptop is not noisy, no indicators on it are functioning, no sounds are emitted.

The reasons why the laptop does not turn on can be several:

  1. The power supply unit was burnt. This, perhaps, is one of the most common causes of breakdown. How can this be checked? You just need to connect an identical power supply. If no indicators do not light up on the laptop, you will most likely have to buy a new power supply.

  2. No battery power. How can this be checked? You need to connect the laptop to the network with the battery removed. If at the same time it starts to work in its normal mode, then it will only need to replace the battery.

  3. The motherboard failed. It will not be possible to solve the problem yourself. There are a lot of options for crashing, so it's better to take the laptop to the service center right away.

  4. No initialization. How is it shown? When the laptop starts up, it loads until a certain moment when the hard disk indicator should light up. There can be several reasons for this breakdown: a malfunction of the processor or RAM, or the north bridge, or BIOS firmware, etc.

Mechanical damage to the housing can also lead to serious problems. With significant physical exertion, the motherboard, hard drive, display and other components can be damaged. In this case, it will be necessary not only to repair the case of the laptop, but also its components.

Why does not the laptop display turn on?

When the screen does not turn on in the laptop (only the black background is visible), but the cooler's operation is heard, the sound of OS loading is heard, all the necessary indicators light up, then, most likely, problems with the matrix.

How can I check what's wrong? You can connect an external monitor. If the image on it is all right, it means that the laptop has exactly broken the display.

Even if there are no problems with a portable computer for a long time, this is not a reason not to monitor its operability and not carry out preventive work. Believe me, the day will come when modernization and repair of laptops will be simply necessary.

There are several reasons for the hardware upgrade: the OS boots for a long time, the programs hang, the operating or memory memory is not enough, computer games are slowly being loaded, and so on.

If there was a question, why the laptop does not turn on, it is better to try to understand the reasons for the appearance of these problems. And, if possible, try to solve the problem yourself.

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