Astragalus woollyflower: medicinal properties and growing on a garden plot

What are gardeners growing on their garden sites? It would seem that everything is simple: vegetables, fruits, flowers on flower beds. In addition, plants that have medicinal properties deserve attention. They, taken from the wild nature, became cultivated, settled in beds and also have their own requirements for proper care.

Description of the plant

The grass is a curious grass - a woolly-flowered astragalus. It grows abundantly in forest glades, barrows. It also occurs in old cemeteries. A perennial plant belongs to the family of legumes. It is not high, it reaches only forty centimeters. Its name is due to silky-furry leaves. The herbaceous bush has numerous erect stems and yellow flowers that form dense inflorescences. It blooms from May to June. Fruits - beans, appear in the middle of summer. It would seem that a modest plant - astragalus woollyflower. The photo shows how much it is inexpressive and just looks. But he has a lot of positive properties that attracted the attention of gardeners.

Healing properties

In folk medicine, the plant received a well-deserved recognition. Healing properties have almost all its parts: stems, seeds, roots. Cooked from it broths are used for diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, as a diuretic. Helps astragalus woollyflower to normalize blood pressure. The raw material should be harvested during the flowering of the plant. The grass needs to be cut at a height of five to seven centimeters from the ground, care should be taken not to damage the roots. The cut stems are dried in a well-ventilated area.

Plant Cultivation

Since gardeners were able to get acquainted with the useful properties of plants, they were interested in the ways in which you can breed a woolly-flowered astragalus on your site. It multiplies by seeds. To increase germination, they must be subjected to scarification with sandpaper beforehand. Thermal treatment will also accelerate their germination. To do this, lower the seeds in a gauze bag for twenty seconds in hot water, and then into a cold one.

Since autumn it is necessary to take care of the choice of a site where the woolly-flowered plant will grow, the soil for it is better to choose a fertile, with an average composition of minerals. For the sowing of a medicinal plant, the ground needs to be dug. Then add manure (2 kg), ammonium nitrate (20 grams), potassium salt (10 g) and superphosphate (30 g) to one square meter. In the spring form holes or beds, seeds are laid to a depth of two and a half or three centimeters. Planting a woolly-flowered astragalus, it is necessary to observe a distance of 10 to 20 cm between plants. The rows should be located with an interval of not less than forty-five centimeters. The plant is demanding for good care. It develops slowly enough. As a top dressing, starting from the second year of life, ammonia nitrate (10 g) and granulated superphosphate (20 g) are introduced per meter. Suitable and dilute slurry.

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