How to get from Orenburg to Samara?

How to get from Orenburg to Samara? Most likely, this question interests many people. These are two beautiful cities, famous for their architecture, sights and other historical values. Here every tourist will find a place to his liking.

What is Orenburg famous for?

Orenburg is a small city, its population hardly exceeds 500 thousand people. Nevertheless, there are a lot of places that are worth visiting. Every tourist must visit the pedestrian bridge. From its height the city plays with new colors.

Separately it is necessary to talk about the Soviet street. On it every building and lane retained its original historical appearance. Also there is a huge number of monuments, boulevards and a magnificent embankment.

What is famous about Samara?

The city of Samara by population is three times higher than Orenburg. In this place you can see a huge number of attractions. An incredible beauty is the Samara Square. Every day amateurs of outdoor activities gather on its territory. Students and schoolchildren can often be seen near the huge fountain "Sipa", it allows them to gain strength after a hard day. A magnificent promenade, a helipad, a railway station and much more - all this deserves special attention.

Two cities with their history and their beauty. It is worth to visit each of them! The Orenburg-Samara route is one continuous line, which considerably facilitates the way by private transport.


The distance from Orenburg to Samara is only 411 kilometers, so the fastest way is to overcome it by personal transport. The journey will take about five hours.

It is worth noting that between these two cities almost everywhere is a very flat road and there are no traffic jams, which can not help attracting drivers. It is recommended to move to the morning or night, when the route becomes almost empty. It is necessary to drive through the following settlements: Prosvet, Domashka, Neftegorsk (the territory of the Samara region), Buzuluk, Totsky, Sorochinsk (Orenburg region).

Another important advantage is the availability of a large number of gas stations, cozy cafes and repair shops. This way requires about a little more than 30 liters of gasoline. On moving from one city to another it will be necessary to spend about 1400 rubles depending on the brand of liquid fuel.


The plane has always been considered the fastest vehicle. With its help you can overcome the distance between Orenburg and Samara in just one hour. As for the main advantages, in this way of moving it is possible to allocate speed, convenience and a high degree of safety. A ticket for such a flight can be bought at affordable prices, the lowest is about 2350 rubles. And you can book a place on the plane via the Internet.

However, there are significant drawbacks in this method. The airport is located at a sufficiently large distance from the city (about 27 km from Orenburg, about 15 km from the center of Samara). That is, the road will need to spend an additional one hour. The second negative point is that the flight is carried out only five times a week. For this reason, places are always not enough.

A train

The longest is to travel from Samara to Orenburg by train. The traveler will have to spend about 8 hours on the road. The positive quality is that this vehicle goes around often enough, there can hardly be any problems with buying a ticket. It is also one of the most convenient compared to a car or bus, especially for the elderly, pregnant women and children. In the cars you can lie down, walk around and comfortably have a snack. It is worth noting that both stations are located in the city center.

The cost of the ticket is different, it depends on the degree of comfort. The minimum price is about 700 rubles. Convenient is the fact that the transfer is carried out at night: at three o'clock in the morning landing, and at 10 am a person is already in another city. Every day follows the train at number 131U, 031U or 343U.


At the bus stations of the cities of Orenburg and Samara, you can also buy a ticket for the bus number 545. A distinctive feature is that the flight passes through the centers of two cities and during the trip you can enjoy all the beauties as much as possible. The way to be long, the total time takes from 8 to 10 hours. This indicator is also influenced by the mode of transport, weather conditions and the degree of congestion on the road.

All buses are exceptionally comfortable: with TV, air conditioning and comfortable seating. During the move, there are several stops for rest. The cost of such a trip per person is about 900 rubles.

Orenburg and Samara are two beautiful cities worth visiting. If you want to move quickly enough, it is better to choose an airplane. If you need to save money you need to give preference to a train or a bus. The most convenient way is to travel on a personal vehicle, as it is possible to come to any place in the city on it, make necessary stops and enjoy the trip as much as possible, especially this trip, if you take a few friends into it and throw off with them.

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