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How to disaccustom a dog to write at home: basic recommendations

If you have a problem that the animal is coping with its need in the apartment, of course, you need to solve it. And where to start, depends, first of all, on the age of the dog. How to disaccustom a dog to write at home, if it is still a puppy? This is one of the main points in the upbringing of the baby. There are, of course, small decorative breeds of dogs, which owners are accustomed to going to the toilet in the cat's tray. However, the vast majority of dogs still get out for this purpose on the street. It's quite another matter if your pet is an adult, and you did not even suspect that you would ever need to know how to disaccustom a dog to write at home. Since she began to do this unexpectedly and already successfully accustomed to walking. Let us consider each of these options in more detail.

You have a puppy at home

In this case, problems, in general, and no. All babies first use as a toilet any surface that they like. First, they do not understand how it can be different, and secondly, they do not even know how to restrain themselves physically. In order to protect your apartment from total "writing" and "zakakivaniya, it is desirable to allocate for the baby a small space (aviary, room) with a floor covering, convenient for cleaning. Now let's talk about how to disaccustom the dog to write at home. By the way, this will also apply to the teaching of doing "big things" on the street. The most important principle - to try not to punish the dog for "bad" behavior, but zealously praise for "good." The first time, while the puppy is not yet vaccinated and can not be taken to the street, he is taught to go to the toilet in a certain place of the apartment. Use newspapers, special diapers for dogs. Try to bring the puppy more often when he ate, just woke up, you just saw that he started to sniff the floor or spin on the spot. Praise for the "right" coping of the need. To beat or shout at the dog, if she has already done it "wrong", it is impossible. The dog can not not go to the toilet, and he will not understand what you want from him. But here the owner, he will surely start to fear and avoid. If you see that the puppy is trying to pee, throw the keys on the floor, clap hands, he will be distracted, then grab onto your hands and run to the diaper or newspaper, or to the street, if you can already. At the hands of the dog will be as much as possible restrained, lead on a leash - leave a "gift" for neighbors in the entrance.

How to disaccustom a dog to write at home, if she is already an adult

In order to cope with the problem emanating from such a pet, you will have to work hard. This will require a lot of patience and persistence, as well as any training of dogs. A qualified cynologist Will say that before applying any measures in relation to the animal, you need to identify the reason why it began to behave this way. How can they be? First of all, think whether the animal is healthy. Diseases of the genitourinary system are characterized by frequent urge to urinate, the dog simply can not "endure" until the usual time of walking. If the animal lacks a feeding and walking regime, a problem may also arise. The pet's organism adapts to regular meals and walks. The owner can lose the authority of the dog, then she can show aggression or write at home. An animal can be bored, if it is official or hunting and is not occupied in any way, it needs more attention, in such a simple way it simply attracts it to itself. It is clear that if there is no regime, it needs to be adjusted, infections - cured, load the animal by work or give it more attention. But how to deal with authority? Close to this is the following problem: how to wean a dog at home, if you understand that it is jealous of another animal, child or your spouse? Both are related to the hierarchy of the pack. First of all, do not spoil the dog, tell her her place in the pack and in the apartment, explain that it is the last and she must obey all the members of the family. Beating her is not worth it, scolding too, a good stop-factor will be the prohibiting team "Fu!" When she just crouched to do the "thing." You just need to get your pet out on the street.

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