How to deal with snoring?

Snoring is one of the most common causes of insomnia in adults.

Snoring sound is called hoarse, measured sounds that a sleeping person emits during breathing through the mouth. Why do they appear?

Because the air passing through the pharynx leads to the vibration of the tissue of the soft palate. In this case, the cheeks, lips and nostrils can fluctuate. As a rule, snoring appears if you sleep on your back - then your mouth involuntarily opens and the tongue prevents the air from passing freely. Therefore, the easiest way to deal with snoring is to change the position of the sleeping person. In the posture on the side or on the stomach the probability of such sounds will be much less.

Can snoring be dangerous to health?

Snoring is not harmless. Although he can not cause any serious harm to the body, however, he is able to initiate a state of chronic fatigue caused by lack of sleep.

Also, the second half suffers from insomnia, and any prolonged insomnia can lead to serious illness. Relationships in the family can become aggravated and some institutions of marriage even disintegrated because the spouses did not know how to deal with snoring.

A dangerous condition can occur not when snoring is measured and monotonous, but in the event of a sudden short-term stoppage of breathing accompanied by loud snoring at its restoration. This is an alarming sign of sleep apnea - a painful sleep disorder. Abstructive apnea can cause heart rhythm disturbance, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage and even sudden death in a dream due to the fact that the body suffers from a lack of oxygen.

To make the correct diagnosis and learn how to deal with snoring, be sure to turn to the ENT doctor first. If it is necessary to exclude the syndrome of apnea, then it is necessary to undergo a special diagnosis - polysomnography. A study and recording of information about the work of the body during the sleep period is conducted, based on which the treatment for snoring will be prescribed.

What is the reason for snoring?

• Strong muscle relaxation caused by the use of sleeping pills, alcoholic beverages, smoking, overweight, severe fatigue, impaired thyroid function.

• Problems in the respiratory tract: enlargement of the tonsils, adenoids, congenital or acquired curvature of nasal septums, polyps or other neoplasms in the nasal cavity, congenital abnormalities in the structure of the respiratory passages (narrow nasal passages, too large tongue, soft sky too elongated, Jaws, etc.).

Treatment for snoring is completely dependent on the causes that cause it.

• If the problem is in the structure or condition of the respiratory system, the ENT doctor will prescribe individual operative or conservative treatment.

• Changing lifestyle, sleeping habits and nutrition are good for some, and even they can bring relief from snoring. The following is needed: weight loss, giving up tobacco, giving up alcohol, reducing the use of sleeping pills, the regime of the day in which enough time is left to sleep and it comes at the same time.

• The use of special devices that prevent the body from sleeping in the "on the back" position (a tennis ball embedded in the pocket, sewn to the back of the pajamas). Some people are well helped by the fact that the head part of the bed is slightly elevated in relation to the legs (a bar located under the legs of the bed).

• Persistent daily use of special training exercises from the series "How to deal with snoring": maximum tongue lancing for 2 seconds in a row 30 times, jaw movement forward-back by hand 30 times. Well, such an exercise helps: before bedtime - 3-4 minutes, hold a wooden stick, sandwiched between teeth.

• Special pills, aerosols and throat drops also are used with some success in medical practice.

• Sometimes surgical intervention is required to compact the soft palate and tongue.

If you are faced with this unpleasant problem, do not despair. Knowing how to fight snoring, you will be easier.

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