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How to create a team in DotA 2: the formula for success

Dota 2 ("Dota 2") - a game of global and interesting. It is a full-fledged cybersport discipline, and the players who devote time to it, a huge number all over the world. Sooner or later, if you play this game, you will be visited by the idea of how to create a team in "Dota 2".

Only the team wins

There can be a lot of reasons for creating a team in DotA. Perhaps the most common is the desire to play with friends, as well as the understanding that in this game only a good team can win. We also do not exclude the fact that there are many tournaments on DotA, players thus want to show themselves, earn a little or feel themselves in the shoes of a real cyber sportman. In general, there are several ways of how you can play in a team, which we will disassemble.

Free Agent

Very often it occurs in the open spaces of not only professional, but also amateur "Dota". If you are thinking about how to get into the team in DotA 2, then becoming a free agent is a good option. So you just notify all existing teams that you want to play any of them. Then the proposals for joining the "collective" can begin to arrive. To declare yourself a free player, you must write a certain topic on the forum of the Russian-language site on "DotA" or do it on the sites where the tournaments are held. The chance that you will be able to find the command "Dota 2" in this way is small, but still there is.

Announced another casting

Such associations themselves are not averse to getting good players in DotA 2. Recruitment to the team can be announced by its manager, leader or the team itself (represented by the captain). His goal - to find a good and, more importantly, the right player. It's all simple: on the same sites that were mentioned above, the team that wants to find a player creates a certain topic (or announces it via an Internet resource). There she writes about the requirements for the future player, prescribes his role, as well as the terms of cooperation. Of course, not all teams are ready to immediately pay money for the game (after all, earning money in "Dot" - the lot only professionals), but you can find a "team" with good prospects for that.

It's time to take everything in hand

Finally, you can find out for yourself how to create a team in DotA 2, and start acting. To begin with, you need to understand that in this case you take everything in your hands, and therefore you have the most responsibilities and responsibilities. Again, it is best to use known resources, which already have similar topics, or create a new topic for discussion on the forum. Next, you prescribe what you need the team for and what you want to achieve. The most common is the "take-off / climb team", as a rule, is going to play some famous tournament with the opportunity to show what it is capable of. In the best case, you will provide yourself with attention. All these actions are necessary only to find people to create a team.

Final stage

If you have already found the future players of your team, then now you have to create it. Many people here are wondering how to create a team in DotA 2 so that they can immediately find out about it. In fact, to begin with, you just need to create it. All the detailed instructions are in the game itself, you will only need to create or select your future team logo, register those who sponsor it (if any), invent and enter its name, add players there. From this moment the team begins official existence. If you want it to become as known as possible, then you have to work in two directions. First, you will need to actively register it on all the major resources that will allow you to do this. The second: to actively perform on any stage. You can start with the amateur, because it is with her team makes the first steps "to take off." Then, if your endeavors bring success, move to larger scenes.

If we talk about the success of the team, it is worth noting that much depends on its general mood. If there are any inconsistencies, then it's unlikely that you will be able to show yourself well. First of all, good relations should be between the players. Therefore, it is important that all players of the team live in the same city (an optional condition), because it can significantly bring them closer. Try to assemble the team in such a way that all the important roles in the battle were occupied. The main thing is that there should not be any gaps. Remember that you first need to work on the morale of the team, and then on her game. It is important that you train together often. About 3-5 hours per day should be spent only on training, during which time to work on the prepared tactics. It is necessary to gain experience, teamwork. Also, about 1 hour a day to spend on the discussions of past games (on the professional stage), do a debriefing of the players of the team and think about where to move further. Here it is worthwhile to offer and think, analyze, so that the team constantly develops and does not stop. We hope that now you know how to create a team in DotA 2.

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