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How old is Katya Starshova? What is she doing now?

When a new movie or series opens on the screens, viewers begin to take an interest in the details of the life of the main characters. Few people think about the performers of secondary or episodic roles, especially if they are not even ten years old. But among the rules there are very pleasant exceptions.

Who is Katya Starshova, how old was she when she first got a role in the well-known Russian TV series? She is a Muscovite, born in 2001, on October 28, on the horoscope of Scorpio. Her parents - Starshov Igor and Mikhailovskaya Elena - are professionally engaged in figure skating.

The first role

Katyusha is a talented young actress of Russian cinema, who became the star of the fascinating TV series "Daddy's Daughter" (2007). There she played the youngest in the family - the fifth daughter Polina, affectionately called Button. How old was Kate Starshova when she successfully passed the selection, in which about 200 other contenders for this role took part? The modest girl was barely six! Now you can envy her fame and ability to work. Katya not only fit into the creative team, but completely changed the usual rhythm of life.

Prior to her first test, Catherine made strides in figure skating, performing in the children's ballet group Aleko. How old was Katya Starshova at the time? Only four and a half years. She even took part in the international show "Dancing on Ice", which took place in France (Paris), taking the honorable second place. And one year after the beginning of work on the set, the novice actress went to the first grade of high school, being already famous.

New projects

How old is Katya Starshova now? She is 12 years old, and on October 28, 2014 she will be thirteen. She continues to actively withdraw, expanding the horizons of her capabilities. So, Katya has already participated in a number of TV shows, the last of which - "Battle of the interiors" (2011) - even was a judge in one of the issues. Then there was an important role in the films "Black Lightning" and "Black Lightning-2". The girl played Tanya - the sister of the owner of lightning.

Usual life

The very first admirers of the girl are her grandmother and, of course, her parents. However, they are not so happy for her, how much they worry about the numerous cases of the extinction of young stars of "one role". It's not so important how old Kate Starshova, because she is an ordinary child with a healthy psyche. After returning home after exhausting filming, Catherine always becomes a simple schoolgirl.

Parents assume that for Katya the movie is just a piece of time, a period of passion that will one day end, and not the whole life. And her grandmother's provocative question about how many years Kate Starshova will be, when she gets a real serious role, answers: "Secretly I hope that the actress will not become a granddaughter."

The decision remains for Catherine. Today she is a sensible girl who, for the time being, simply reads the poems of her beloved Pasternak, loves pets and visits the center of beauty and aesthetics "Katyusha" in her free time, in order to fully liberate herself and become even more independent.

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