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How many live decorative rabbits at home? What affects the length of their lives?

Decorative animal species are created specifically to be kept in an apartment or in a house. Of course, you can take a regular rabbit to yourself, but it is unlikely that he will like it, and there will be little pleasure from it. Many potential owners have many questions about the content of these animals in the house. For example, how many live decorative rabbits at home. It is impossible to define this precisely, since this factor is influenced by a huge spectrum of various factors. In this article, we will try to find out how many years live decorative rabbits.

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So, if you rely on statistics, the average life expectancy of these animals outside the wild, that is, at home or in the apartment, is five to seven years . In this case, the breeds of rabbits with hanging ears live longer. The record age for "eared" is ten to twelve years old . How much live decorative rabbits at home, we some know. Now it's time to find out what factors influence this indicator.

How to prolong the life of a rabbit and make it more comfortable?

1. Buy a cage for the animal. In it, the rabbit will spend time without your supervision, as it is not necessary to leave it indoors. Otherwise, you risk getting bitten wires and spoiled things. In the cage you need to put sawdust, straw, if desired, you can arrange a place to sleep, for example, to come up with some kind of litter. The size of a cell should be chosen from the calculation that the baby will grow up, and this is inevitable. You need to place it in such a place of the apartment that there was no draft or, conversely, it was not very hot (for example, do not put the cage in the battery).

2. Daily home rabbit needs active rest. If possible, you can build a special aviary, where the ears can run and play. If this is not possible, then let it sport under your supervision, in the place where you allow it to do it.

3. Bring your pet more often to fresh air, especially in the warm season. The rabbit organism, like the human, needs fresh air and vitamin D.

4. If you wondered how many decorative rabbits live at home, then you know that sterilized females are able to live longer than their siblings, about eight to twelve years. This is explained by the fact that the organism of nulliparous animals wears out less, and consequently, it functions for a longer time.

5. Decorative rabbit at home requires caress and care. Watch for the condition of his coat, teeth. Water procedures are not recommended for rabbits - the animal takes care of itself. In rare cases, when this is really required, you can rinse his paws.

When the rabbit grows old, its skin becomes thinner, there is a turbidity in the eyes. The animal becomes less mobile. It is not necessary to be frightened - this is the aging process, and it is inherent in any living organism. We hope that you have received an answer to the question about how many decorative rabbits live at home.

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