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Home decorative rabbit. How many lives this furry miracle.

The maintenance of a pet is always work. Responsibility for the pet owner is borne throughout his life. People who do not have time for long walks with the dog, who are afraid that his furniture will be spoiled by the cat's claws, can choose to choose an animal such as a decorative rabbit. How much does this fuzzy miracle live ? This, probably, is one of the first questions that arises in those who decided to have a long-eared friend.

Lovely appearance and timid, but very curious character - this is the description that can be given to such a pet as a decorative rabbit. How many such a kid lives in a family, so much and pleases all its members with their innocent pranks and a beautiful view. As a rule, ornamental rabbits live from 6 to 8 years. With due care, their life expectancy can reach as high as 12. In the first place, it must be remembered that in order for a beloved pet to live a long and happy life, it is necessary to carefully monitor his health, competently compose the ration of the animal and provide him with an opportunity for active pastime.

Any, even slight malaise of a pet is immediately noticed by an attentive owner of such an animal as a decorative rabbit. How much a pet lives in a person, in this case is not so important. The diseased animal will try to hide in the farthest corner of its own cage, which is unusual for him at the usual time, to give up his favorite food and practically all the time to sleep.

The general condition of the pet and life expectancy will also depend on its diet. A home decorative rabbit needs food rich in various minerals and vitamins. Experts recommend to feed the animal with a ready mix, supplementing it with fresh vegetables. For example, carrots, cabbage, fresh grass or hay perfectly diversify the diet of your favorite pet, bringing him only good. Also it is worth remembering that the food should be in the cage permanently in an animal such as a decorative rabbit. How many a fluffy miracle lives, he constantly needs to eat, without making long breaks between meals. Otherwise, it can also be disastrous for a long-eared lump.

Intensive loads are also important for the long and happy life of a decorative rabbit. Therefore, it is preferable to keep him in a fairly spacious enclosure, every day allowing him to walk freely around the apartment, stretching and developing his long paws. Many owners even purchase special harnesses for their favorite pets and take them out for walks in the summer for fresh grass, which also has a positive effect on the animal's well-being and the duration of his life. In addition, experts argue that castrated individuals live substantially longer. This is due primarily to the fact that rabbits who do not spend energy on the continuation of the genus, retain more energy and vitality. Accordingly, the duration of their existence increases.

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