Holidays in Cyprus

If there is a heaven on earth, then the name is Cyprus. It is a small island in the Mediterranean with the oldest beautiful history. A mild climate, almost non-ending summer makes a holiday in Cyprus attractive for many tourists. There is an amazing combination of beautiful white beaches, warm sea, hospitable inhabitants and historical monuments, which are more than one millennium. On the island, to the shores of which the goddess of love Aphrodite came out, most newlyweds dream of spending their honeymoon. In many respects the budget of this republic depends on the tourist sphere, that is why the guests are treated with particular care.

One of the most popular places where travelers want to spend their holidays in Cyprus is Paphos. It is a small charming town with sandy beaches, ancient architecture, beautiful bays. According to legend, a few kilometers from Paphos to the shore from the Mediterranean Sea Aphrodite came out. Cypriots so believe in it that for several centuries carefully kept its bath, which is in the natural grotto and is hidden from prying eyes by the leaves of fig trees and ferns. According to legend, it was here that Aphrodite indulged in amorous pleasures with her beloved Adonis. Not far from Paphos is its temple, where a large number of pilgrims arrived. It is believed that it was here that the famous Roman orgies were taking place. Religions of that time ordered girls to have sexual intercourse with unfamiliar men.

No holiday in Cyprus can not do without visiting the Odeon. This is an ancient theater, built in the 2nd century AD. E. To date, 12 rows of 25 have survived. The Odeon has lost its scale, but not its greatness. In the summer there are theatrical performances, holidays. Next to Odeon is the Castle of Forty Columns, built to repel attacks by foreigners. Its name deserved by the fact that it consists of many columns. Until now, the castle is almost not preserved, instead of it there were several ruins.

Most tourists who bought burning tours to Cyprus or simply reserved them on arrival will get to Larnaca because this is where one of the largest international airports of the republic is located. The city is not crowded with tourists, but it also has a large number of interesting and beautiful places. In Larnaca there is a quay of Kimon, comparable in beauty with the European embankments. It is named after the military leader, who freed in 449 BC. City from the Persians. Throughout its length there are numerous cafes and shops, as well as a large number of palm trees. Cultural rest In Cyprus is impossible without visiting the Church of St. Lazarus. He is the patron of Larnaca. The construction of the church was completed in the 9th century, and in the 17th century it was restored. In 1970 there was a strong fire, which destroyed all the interior decoration. After it, the church was not restored. Today it has a very modest decor, but, nevertheless, many note the elegance of its iconostasis, dating back to the Baroque era.

To buy last minute tours to Cyprus in the high season from May to October is a very big success. You can go here, both alone and with children or friends. Some tourists prefer to rent a car and independently explore all the sights of the island. This is not difficult at all, as Cyprus is overcrowded with them. An interesting fact, when ordering dishes in local restaurants, it is better to check with the waiter about the size of the portion, because some treats bring in such quantity that they can safely feed the whole company. There is practically no crime in Cyprus. It is quiet and peaceful, but people are kind and smiling. Rest in Cyprus will not forget time for all its guests.

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