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History of the Surname Can not Be Not Interesting ...

And I began researching the names of Slavic surnames. Slavic surnames are still not rare in the Russian language, I will present only a few of them: Perun, Perunova, Yarilina, Makoshev, Svarogov, Triglavov, Khorsov, Ladin and many others. The largest number of Slavonic-Russian surnames came from the nicknames given to a person, another part occurred after the baptism of Rus at the end of the 10th century, and finally, a third of the surnames occurred after the abolition of serfdom in 1861.

We will analyze each case separately. 1. In Russia there were no names, there were only proper names, which were given at birth. But if you think logically, there could not be 10 Peruns and 20 Ivanovs ... And in this case people were given names as nicknames ... Nicknames were appropriated in different aspects, be it the kind of person's work, the person's character, or the appearance. I will give an example: The name of Serov was given to a person for non-solitude, anger in character, secrecy, similarity in character with a gray wolf. I hope everything is clear ... 2. Next, take the case of the second: The Baptism of Russia. This principle should not cause difficulties in understanding. The principle was the same as before the X century, only the surname (nickname) was given to a person at baptism, as well as your middle name. 3. But then, with the abolition of serfdom, the most interesting thing begins ... All the peasants were attributed to their master and to the land (gubernias, etc.) But when they were released from serfdom and who then went to work in factories and artels ... There was a problem: how to keep track of all ?? Need, then how to rewrite them ??? ... And how could a peasant call himself ??? Petka Ivanov son, you have already understood the essence of ?? The peasants were given names by their fathers, or they simply called the surname of their master ... That's how the noble families appeared in the common people ... But at last I left the most interesting, this thought stirs my mind .... Surnames were the privilege of the rich, but they also had, when, then, did they appear? I'll tell you when: they were given .... You correctly understood, gave, gave as a gift to rich merchants, boyars, nobles .... There are sources in which it is indicated, to whom and for what they were given. And they were awarded for their services to the tsar and the state, such names as Peacemakers. Well thank you for the time spent reading "The History of the Last Name". In the next article I will talk about Scandinavian surnames, such as, for example, Ramberg. With you was Vladimir and the site We will get to the truth.

I'm waiting for your comments and estimates of my ore ...

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