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Heinz cookies from 5 months: composition, photo, reviews

The introduction of complementary foods plays an important role in the formation of the baby's gastrointestinal tract. Incorrect actions of parents can bring a lot of trouble to infants - both after feeding, and in adult life. To date, all children are recommended in the form of complementary foods not only puree, but also a variety of adult products, for example, cookies with a special composition suitable only for children's digestion.

Such a treat is introduced at different ages. For example, in almost every store you can see "Heinz" cookies. What is this product? When and how can it be introduced into the child's diet? What do parents think about this delicacy? ? Is not it dangerous for a baby cookie Heinz for babies ?


Lure for a child plays an important role. It not only enriches the baby's body with minerals and vitamins, but introduces the newborn to new tastes. I would like to please the baby pleasantly? Then you can give him a Heinz cookie.

This delicacy, if you believe the producers, is intended for babies from 5 months. It can both be dissolved in water / milk, and gnawed. This baby cookie pleases infants with an unforgettable sweet and sweet taste. Doctors quite often recommend to their parents products from Heinz for the first time. But what do customers think about it?

Form of issue

Cookies "Heinz" for kids from 5 months is released in several forms. On the shelves of shops you can see both large cardboard packages with products, and small ones. In a large box of 180/160 grams of cookies, in a small box - 60.

In addition, cookies for children "Heinz" meets with different tastes. Classic (without additives / with apple) is designed for kids from 5 months. With additives (6 cereals or apple) are given to children from 6 months.

Price list

How much is the Heinz cookie? Many parents say that the cost of these products is sometimes overstated. . Nevertheless, Heinz products are in demand among the population .

A small package of cookies will cost approximately 30-60 rubles. There are about 6 goodies in it. It is not very expensive, considering that the products must be given only as complementary foods, and not the main food.

The cost of a large package of Heinz cookies varies. You can meet prices from 80 to 130 rubles. In some regions, the cost is higher. But this is a huge rarity. Usually a pack of baby cookies costs about 100 rubles.


The Heinz cookies are not the best. This is how many parents say, having read its description. But Heinz assures that the composition of their products is completely safe for babies. It does not contain GMOs, all components of cookies are natural.

What exactly is contained in the children's cookies "Heinz"? Approximately this composition of products can be found:

  • Flour (barley, rye, oatmeal, wheat, rye, corn);
  • sugar;
  • vegetable oil;
  • malt;
  • Disintegrating agents (sodium diophosphate, ammonium and sodium hydrocarbonate);
  • minerals;
  • /B 2 /B 6 , PP); Vitamins (B 1 / B 2 / B 6 , PP);
  • Natural flavors;
  • vanillin.

In some products, palm oil can be found. . In general, the composition is not very happy parents, but doctors still recommend the product being studied for the first complementary meal .

Among other things, baby Heinz cookies (its composition was presented above) may contain traces of soy, gluten and milk. Despite this, the manufacturer says that the cookie is completely hypoallergenic.

Ways of using

Now a little about how to properly give Heinz cookies to children. Some mothers say that they do not know how to correctly introduce products into the baby's diet.

It is recommended to dissolve the biscuits in warm milk (it is possible in the breast milk) or in water. The resulting porridge should be given to the child, starting with 1/2 teaspoon. . This is necessary in order to check the individual tolerance of the product in the baby .

Older children can be given the whole in the form of a supplement to the main dishes. The kid will just chew on the Heinz cookies. Some pediatricians and parents assure that even before the appearance of the first teeth, it is possible to give babies the studied products. For example, when they erupt. The child with the help of saliva himself will dissolve the biscuit, then eat it. In this case, leaving the baby unattended is prohibited.


Heinz cookies from 5 months earning different reviews. Despite the fact that this product is produced by a well-known baby food company, parents do not respond best to it.

According to moms, Heinz cookies taste sweet. Some say that this product contains too much sugar. Someone is setting up parents not to buy Heinz cookies because of the strange taste of these products. Which one? . Nobody talks about this .

At the same time, some parents speak well of the children's cookies Heinz. It is noted that the taste of this product is sweetish, natural, not bitter. And most importantly, the children like it. Forcing to eat Heinz cookies do not have to - the kids themselves will demand this delicacy.

Ease of use

But that is not all! If you believe some reviews, then the Heinz cookie is not very convenient for children from 5 months if they do not have teeth yet. The thing is that some of the parents emphasize the poor dissolution of the products in milk and water. Therefore, to give a cookie is recommended already when the child has teeth.

Nevertheless, many parents say that "Heinz" perfectly dissolves in water and milk to the state of porridge. This helps to feed the baby without teeth and guarantees that the child with teeth will not choke.

Find "Heinz" is not difficult - this cookie is sold in almost every children's store, supermarket or pharmacy. . Therefore, if the product suddenly ends, it will not be so difficult to buy it .

Reviews in general

Children's cookies "Heinz" reviews from parents and doctors earns a variety. Therefore, it is difficult to judge the quality of this product. With confidence, we can only say that Heinz is a good company for the production of baby food. She is trusted by many.

So far, there have been no allergic reactions to baby cookies from Heinz. Parents emphasize that you can give this delicacy to even infants prone to allergies, of course, only after consulting a doctor.

"Heinz" cookies for babies do not cause constipation. It is perfect for an unformed baby. Doctors, as a rule, recommend the introduction of this complementary feeding with the appearance of teeth.

A lot of enthusiasm causes the fortification of cookies with vitamins and minerals. To eat Heinz cookies is recommended for children with anemia. In the composition of delicacies, there are calcium, iron, and iodine - just what the children's body may lack. Some mothers say that "Heinz" is perfect not only for babies, but also for nursing women, sitting on a strict diet.

Among other things, parents often show their dissatisfaction with the composition. Someone says that it is not suitable for babies. To give cookies "Heinz" offer not earlier than school age. Usually parents are not satisfied with the presence of sugar, palm oil and vanillin in the product. If you believe some mothers, then this cookie is not for babies at all!

Doctors have no complaints about the composition of the Heinz cookie. The main thing is not to give it too much - then the baby's health will not be threatened. . "Heinz" really consists of natural ingredients, this is one of the few products without GMOs .


Now it is clear what the Heinz cookie is (see the photo above). Should I buy this delicacy baby? Pediatricians recommend giving it from 5 months of age. But this is optional. Many parents prefer to introduce children to cookies at about 8-9 months, after the appearance of several teeth.

The studied products from Heinz contribute to the development of chewing skills in the infant. This is an extremely important skill for a child at the age of about 12 months - at this time the children stop giving mashed potatoes from products and introduce them to slices of food.

In general, cookies "Heinz" reviews are good. Yes, the composition of this delicacy is not ideal. But this does not mean that he will certainly harm the child. If you want to pamper your baby with delicious cookies, Heinz is perfect for this!

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