Headset for computer. Flour choice

With the advent of such programs as Skype and others intended for calls, the headset for the computer has become a very urgent thing. At the same time, the choice of such a device is very difficult. In the market there are many kinds, before which the eyes just run away. To make the right choice, you need to know what kind of beast is this - this symbiosis of headphones with a microphone. It is worth considering in more detail.

Wireless Models

The headset for a computer without wires is useful and necessary. Not only for communication and calls, but also for online games, where there is an opportunity to talk with opponents or allies. Wireless models are connected in two ways: bluetooth headset for computer (Bluetooth) and Dect headset. Which one is more convenient? Depends on how far away from the system unit you plan to go with it. So, the Bluetooth signal is enough for about 10 meters, and Dect - as many as 30. If you often move around the apartment a lot, and you want to talk on the net, it's better to choose the second option. If you plan to use a headset not only at home from a PC, but also on the street or in a cafe from a laptop, Bluetooth will be more convenient. The connection can be of two types: via a special transmitter in the kit or through a separately purchased distributor of such a signal.

Wired Models

The headset for a computer with a wire is suitable for those who are not going to move away from the monitor far. There are only two methods of connection: through the USB port and through the stereo jack. The first option, according to experts, gives the best indicators on the quality of communication. Although the speed of data transfer plays an important role in this . Nevertheless, the USB connector is aimed at ensuring that the devices function smoothly.

The stereo connectors on the PC and laptop PCs can be different. This should be borne in mind when choosing headphones with a microphone. If you want to use them not only on a stationary PC, but also on your other portable gadgets, it is better to choose a USB cable. Moreover, no additional drivers are usually required, just connect the device to the port.


In addition to the method of connection, the headset for the computer is still several varieties. For example, full-size headphones with a microphone, as in the movies of employees of the Call Center. This is convenient for those who prefer to completely isolate themselves from the outside world while communicating. And also there are headsets for the computer, which are hung on one ear, like a Bluetooth headset for a mobile phone. This is not always convenient, but still has a place to be. And for such a product, there is also a demand and a buyer. There are also headsets for the PC in the form of earphones with inserts and a microphone on it. This is the usual option for many.

By the way, some headsets from the phone with a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector are ideal for a PC. It is important that the headphone output on the system unit or monitor is composite, that is, it supports this connection. By default, modern monoblocks have such a convenient option. Also there are plugs on the headset to connect to the inputs in a stationary computer.

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