AKG Earphones: Models and Specifications

This article will tell the reader what AKG headphones are. The company itself produces various electronics, mainly associated with the reproduction of sound. The range of devices of this company is very diverse, as well as prices, so it will be expedient to first describe the organization itself.

Company AKG

Much about the company can not be said, although the historical period of its existence is quite large. One can safely say that the firm has been engaged in audio electronics for more than six decades. The time is long enough, and in this similar companies are similar.

The company itself is located in Austria, has not so many employees, but nevertheless is famous for its quality products. In any case, if it were of poor quality, AKG would never have joined the famous audio concern HARMAN.


The concern is known all over the world for its sound equipment, music centers and the fact that the products of this giant are installed in almost all luxury cars, such as Porchse or Land Rover. As well as AKG, HARMAN products are known on the market for more than 60 years. Specialization of this company is similar, namely - electrical equipment, sound amplifiers, speakers and much more, related to high-quality sound.

AKG Headphones: Overview

As it was said above, the company makes completely different products. There are very expensive premium options for recording studios, expensive acoustics for cars, studio microphones, and, of course, there are medium-price and budget segments. AKG headphones are present in all listed categories and are well sold.

Budget Options

Depending on the needs of consumers, there are AGK headphones for permanent use, for example, as mobile headsets. The cost of such devices is not more than 25 dollars. At the same time they are able to show quite worthy sound and will be no worse than potential competitors. As an example of such a model, AKGY20 can be cited.

Average price segment

As mentioned, there are different headphones AKG. The price of representatives of the middle price segment can reach up to $ 100. However, they are worth it. Consumers like the sound quality and modern design of such products. Take, for example, the model AKG N60NC. The sound of these headphones will surpass all the expectations of consumers, especially the active noise reduction system, which allows you not to be distracted from listening to your favorite tracks, wherever you are.

In addition, AKG headphones are made of high-quality and expensive materials, such as aluminum. Qualitative leather trim and folding mechanism will make using this gadget even more enjoyable. Also the device is equipped with a built-in switch with a microphone, which makes it convenient for travel. In addition, these AKG headphones are wireless. The approximate cost of the device is $ 150.

Expensive models

Before describing one of the best models of the company, one should return to the fact that AKG is aimed specifically at premium electronics. All other products are just a need to occupy additional market segments. But this does not mean that it is worse. The fact is that it will be the best headphones AKG.

As an example, the top model AKG N90Q is one of the best in the lineup. AKG headphones include a huge number of modern technologies associated with noise reduction, and give a wonderful sound to their listeners. This model supports an innovative technology to protect against various noises and vibrations, it changes some reproducible frequencies to make the sound cleaner.

In addition, the consumer expects a bright and interesting design and expensive materials, such as leather, aluminum, steel. The cable contacts are covered with a layer of precious metals. Also in these headphones there are many adjustments that can change the sound, make the sound more voluminous or mute some frequencies without loss of overall quality. Another big plus of this device will be the built-in DAC.

This equipment converts digital frequencies into analogue frequencies, which some recordings of musical compositions require. Without it, such files lose a lot in quality when listening. Like a more modest model, these headphones boast of their own battery, well, portable charging, which, incidentally, is bundled with the device. This is not all that such AKG headphones can boast. Reviews on the Internet about this model are extremely positive, and this is not surprising. The product is really quality. How much are these AKG headphones? The price of the premium model can reach $ 1,500.


AKG products are worthy of attention. For decades, AKG and HARMAN / KARDON have been making very high-quality audio equipment. Acoustics of these companies is installed in premium and elite cars, used at film studios and sound engineers. The high price of some devices is justified by their purpose, they are created primarily for professionals.

In addition, do not forget about the source of the sound. Expensive headphones do not guarantee that you will like the sound that you hear. To do this, there are specialized players, computers with good sound cards, as well as amplifiers. If you return to the cost of all these related products, then the equipment of this level will cost an average of $ 500 to $ 2,000. In any case, you choose. We hope that our review will be useful to you and will allow you to make the right choice.

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